Solution for TV Broadcaster and Operators Wanting to Monetize HbbTV Broadcast.



Icareus Addressable TV™ solution provide tools for advertisers to take their TV commercials on totally new level. Bringing display ads to TV allows advertisers to a direct connection with an individual TV viewer and makes it possible to collect information from them. 

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Ad is shown when user switches to a channel

 On-screen display ads are shown when user switches to a channel 

Optionally click yellow or other button to get into the advertiser app.
Call-to-Actions can be configured to all Display Ads


Display ad is synchronized with Linear advertising

On-screen display ads are shown with a defined ad within commercial breaks. 

Optionally click yellow button to open the advertiser app.
Display ads are triggered based on video playout and campaign settings
Various modes available:
- L-banner
- Pop-up
- Bounce


Display ad is scheduled to be shown during a TV show

Time based on-screen display ads can be used to launch videos or mini-portals to get detailed information of the advertised product or service 

Optionally click yellow or other button to get into the advertiser app.
Display Ads are based on a schedule, thus different ads can be shown at different times of a day


Linear advertising is substituted with online video ads

VideoSwitch enable broadcasters to maximise the revenue potential of a advertising by substituting linear commercials with broadband delivered videos based on the viewer profile and/or their regional location.

Broadcasters are able to reach more niche target groups during popular shows instead of “wasting” that reachable audience.

Provides exact data on what is being watched and for how long and if the viewers switched channel during a break

InApp Advertising

Pre-defined Display ads within HbbTV Apps

 Different Display Ads can be embedded to applications.

Selecting and cllicking the display ad, can take the user into the advertiser app.