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Addressable TV Advertising on Broadcast Network for the First Time in Scandinavia

 Helsinki, 2.11.2016, R-Kioski and Sanoma, two Finnish major players in their fields, launched HbbTV Addressable TV campaigns with technology solutions from Digita and Icareus. Icareus provided its’ Addressable TV HbbTV platform to introduce new and innovative TV advertising formats for the first time ever in Scandinavia.

Sanoma is a Finnish media conglomerate operating magazines, newspapers, radio channels, pay TV and four free-to-air TV channels. R-Kioski is the largest kiosk chain in Finland and a big advertiser in Sanoma’s media platforms. Digita is the national terrestrial TV operator in Finland that operates and offers addressable advertising services to Finnish broadcasters based on Icareus Addressable TV™ HbbTV advertising solution.

“Viewers considered interactivity as service...this increased viewers interest to the ad” according to Sanoma.

R-Kioski’s TV advertising Campaign on Sanoma’s four TV channels included HbbTV display ads on terrestrial TV network using Icareus ActiveAd -service. The L -shaped display ads were synchronized with the TV broadcasted commercial and activated up to 4% of viewers with the call-to-action included in the HbbTV part of the ad. Viewers were given possibility to order a mobile coupon that entitled to a free bottle of water that they could redeem at R-Kioski.

Campaign analytics offered both R-Kioski and Sanoma high quality information on the display ad views, call-to-action clicks as well as sent and redeemed mobile coupons. The whole campaign was managed on Icareus Suite™ platform utilizing HbbTV ( standard that is quickly spreading all around the world.

Icareus’ Director Mr Mikko Karppinen says that “We are extremely happy to be part of this pioneering work in Scandinavia. It is fruitful and rewarding to see that all the parties involved, including viewers, see clear advantages in utilizing addressable TV to get a direct connection between viewers and advertisers”.

Icareus Addressable TV™ solution provide tools for advertisers to take their TV commercials on totally new level. Bringing display ads to TV allows advertisers to a direct connection with an individual TV viewer and makes it possible to collect information from them. Utilizing the Icareus Addressable TV™’s VideoSwap module, a TV broadcaster can even automatically “sell all local the commercial brakes full” that would otherwise be unsold. In addition to that VideoSwap allows targeted video advertising now also in broadcast TV. An Operator running the addressable TV platform can provide win-win-win services for all three parties and generate new business on top of their network.

Icareus Addressable TV™ is an innovative solution enabling advertisers to better segment their TV audiences, open a direct dialog with viewers and to collect more detailed data on them. For broadcasters especially it gives a new revenue potential and a way to compete against internet companies by providing a better service for both advertisers and viewers. Read more about different formats of Icareus Addressable TV: 

R-kioski is profitable franchise based kiosk chain in Finland. R-kioski is part of the Reitan Group having c. 615 shops around the country. R-kioski’s brand recognition is 98 % in Finland. For more information visit: 

Nelonen Media (Part of Sanoma) is a strongly developing broadcasting group reaching more than 90 % of the Finns. We bring our customers quality entertainment through diverse media portfolio. Nelonen Media operates four nationwide free-to-air TV channels, five pay TV channels, four nationwide radio channels, two regional radio channels, free-of-charge VOD channel, and a SVOD service. Each channel and station has its own website which offer additional, program-related content. For more information visit:  

Digita broadcasts radio and TV programmes reliably to all of Finland, every day of the year. Applying cutting-edge digital technology, Digita also develops and supplies versatile Internet TV and radio services along with services based on our comprehensive network infrastructure. Digita’s clients are media houses and mobile and broadband operators that provide the very best contents. Digita employs approximately 200 professionals. For more information visit:


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