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 Icareus TV Solutions

 Test, collect big data, analyze, monetize and make ever everyone happy! 

Icareus Addressable TV

Taking your TV advertising to next level!

Are you interested in higher CTR and Impression percentages on quality audience? Add direct dialog with the TV viewer to collect e.g. contact details. Icareus Addressable TV™ takes TV commercials to totally new level by introducing lucrative hybrid ad spaces and personalised video ads.

Icareus Addressable TV™ solution provide tools for advertisers to take their TV commercials on totally new level. Bringing display ads to TV allows advertisers to a direct connection with an individual TV viewer and makes it possible to collect information from them. 

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Icareus Audience Monitoring

Know your TV viewers!

Knowing your audiences is a key to succeed as a broadcaster or operator, either you offer on-demand or linear services. 
Icareus Audience Monitoring™ solution provide tools for TV Operator, Broadcaster or other service providers like ad to collect information about the audience watching or using the TV service. The information can be collected from any application or devices connected to the service including HbbTV devices, set-top boxes, other SmartTVs, tablets, mobile phones and wed services.  

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Icareus HbbTV Solutions

All the HbbTV Solutions to Star HbbTV services

Icareus has combined its unique knowledge from both OTT and Broadcast environments to offer a complete platform to manage HbbTV services from video delivery to application deployment. The solution combines all the necessary components from HbbTV 1.1 to 2.0 and above.

You want to start with HbbTV, but you are not sure what to purchase to set- up your environment? Don't worry. Icareus has been doing Interactive TV services in production for more than a decade. We have also packed our production level solutions into single server to give new service developer, broadcaster, operators, research units etc the real tools to start with HbbTV. What else is needed? Nothing!


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Icareus TV Anywhere

Reach your TV Viewers Anywhere at Anytime!

Icareus offers TV Anywhere applications to almost on any device: SmartTV, set-top boxes, desktop environments, tablets, mobile, including features like Live TV, VOD, EPG, Recording, Favorites, Social media and multi-language interfaces, just to name the core ones.
By using Icareus TV App templates you can achieve a fast-to-market, positively distinctive and competitive deployment. For those who require that “little extra” we offer our professional services to build custom solutions.
To reach the big screen you could utilise our hybrid Android STB client running already at thousands of homes.


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