Icareus Set-top Box partners

We work closely with many of the leading STB manufacturers to deliver compelling OTT services

Icareus supports and works closely with the leading set-top box and TV device manufacturers around the world.

If you are a either IP or hybrid TV device vendor, please feel free to contact us and discuss, how you could complement our partner portfolio.


Geniatech has become one of the leading OEM/ODM manufacturer specialized in providing an open android based hardware and software platform for OTT Android boxes with embedded digital TV tuner in it, video capturing devices and video converter devices. With over 15 years of experience in the video and TV industry and working together with PC/TV brand leaders we have been able to become a global player.

Android OTT and Hybrid set-top boxes

CVTE is founded in 2005 and headquartered in the Guangzhou Science Park, China. We focus on the research & development, sales and content service of different products. Furthermore, we attach high importance to the protection of intellectual property rights of our own core technologies. We have owned 495 independent IPRs up to Dec.2014.

Android OTT set-top boxes

The Youpoo company, as the key organization with most strategic value in Shenzhen Youpoo Technology Ltd, consists of four departments including Forward-looking Technology Research, Product Specification and Engineering, Industrial Design. The primary functions of the R&D Center includes software design, hardware design, industrial design, structure design, user interface design, planar design, application testing.

Android OTT set-top boxes

Founded in 2003, Shenzhen SDMC Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, national IC design enterprise and Shenzhen key software enterprise. In 2014, SDMC has successfully listed on the NEEQ (Stock Code: 430755), to be one of listed enterprises which professionalized in digital TV industry in China. SDMC focus on development for digital TV system and products, and make research jointly with domestic well-known universities. Now SDMC have achieved more than 100 types of products' patent.

Android OTT set-top boxes

Fortis is founded in September 2006. Since thatthey have been developing and supplying world class digital STBs under their valued slogan "What we make, It's the standard". Based on their leading and innovative technology with top quality, Fortis is always growing together with their customers with strong reliability.

DVB HbbTV set-top boxes

Dune HD is recognized as a global leader in high-performance digital media players. Over the last five years Dune HD has received more awards than any other company in the category for delivering the very best in networked digital media devices. Dune HD offers an array of high-quality digital media players for both consumer and commercial markets.

Linux OTT set-top boxes

Kaon Media established in May 2001, is one of the best R&D and manufacturing companies in Korea, focusing on developing digital and its related products by making the most of all its resources. As public listed at Korea stock market in 2005, Kaon Media becomes a world leader in coming digital age and by developing the new technologies and leading the digital innovation in the digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasting receiver sector.

DVB HbbTV set-top boxes