Technology partners

Deploying TV and Video services require many components, we have found the best and work with them on daily basis

 In Icareus we co-operate with leading technology and service companies around the world. Icareus is a pioneer in interactive TV, TV Anywhere and is constantly experimenting with the latest technologies and working in co-operation with the best partners to enables a fast entry to profitable business for our customers and partners.

We are constantly expanding our network of professionals and would welcome you to contact us!


Icareus is an OEM partner of DELL. Icareus Playout and iTV Suite Manager deliveries are done with high class rack servers provided by DELL.

Icareus' HW server provider
Global is an European EPG content provider for more than 2500 TV channels. The data can be delivered in what ever format you need. E.g. XML, XMLTV, HTML, PDF etc.

Head-end and TV Anywhere partner

Icareus is an OEM partner of DekTec using its modulator and ASI cards in Icareus Playout product family. DekTec manufactures digital-video adapters and software.


Screen Systems is a broadcast technology company that produces systems for the creation and delivery of value-add content for TV, PC and mobile.

Applications, Apps Management, Head-end

Amazon Web Services (abbreviated AWS) offers the cloud hosting platform for Icareus iTV Suite Manager TV Anywhere and Applications platform.

TV Anywhere / OTT - iTV Suite Manager, Applications