TV Everywhere User Experiences

We build world-class TV and Video Applications to Enrich the TV Experience



Icareus provide application and user experience to TV Everywhere services almost on any device: SmartTV, set-top boxes, desktop environments, tablets, mobile etc.

Our user experience provides all the necessary services like Live TV, VOD, Catch-Up TV, EPG, Recording, Favorites, Social media integrations and multi-language interfaces just to name the core ones.

Our applications are modular and easy to customise and thus we can provide the best and most economical brand based, high quality user experience to your OTT / TV Anywhere service.

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Desktop Web UI

Embed to your own web site

Lap-top or desktop PC / Mac are still the most popular way to access the Internet services in the World.

Icareus' TV Anywhere web UI is modular and intuitive user interface to access your TV Anywhere content through web browser. It is built in a way that you embed the service as iFrame on your own website, so that you can easily manage all the advertisement, informative and other additional material through your own web CMS system, while the end-user still sees the service as one contiguous TV anywhere user interface.

The web user interface is easily customized with CSS stylesheets to match the rounding web UI and service providers look & feel.

Mobile Apps

For iOS, Android and Windows

Mobile devices has been the fastest growing tool to access the Internet and Internet services for the last years.

Icareus provides TV Anywhere mobile applications to the main environments: iOS, Android and Windows phones. The mobile clients offer all the same main services like other clients too. The services are used in portrait and video is watched in landscape mode.

The mobile app UI can also be customized and they will be published in App stores under Icareus or customer's account.


For iOS and Android

Tablets have become extremely popular in many countries in the world during the last few years. Tablets provide probably the best user interface to consume a video content in mobile environment.

Icareus currently supports iOS and Android tablet devices. The services are the same as with the mobile clients, although naturally they are optimized to use the tablet's large screen.

Likewise with the mobile clients, the tablet user interfaces can be customized based on the service providers look & feel and applications can be published under Icareus or service providers App store account.


Big Screen TV

SmartTVs and set-top boxes

The big screen, TV still has the dominant place in people's households and on average they spent several hours per day watching the TV.

Icareus has developed TV clients to multiple different SmartTV environments: Samsung, LG, TPV / Philips and Panasonic as well as to many different hybrid and OTT set-top boxes.

The TV clients are optimized to use the remote control and big screen providing a great, fast and convenient user experience to access the TV anywhere services.