Icareus co-operates with business and technical parter companies in more than 30 countries around the world

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Icareus Addressable TV Partners

Adform (Denmark)
Icareus platform is integrated with Adform DSP platform. Adform is one of the world's largest private and independent advertising technology companies.
Cellnex Telecom (Spain)
Nation Terrestrial network operator in Spain
Digita (Finland)
National DVB-T/T2 terrestrial network operator
FreeWheel (USA)
A Comcast company, is unifying linear and digital TV to create an industry leading premium inventory marketplace.
OiV (Croatia)
Leading terrestrial broadcast operator of radio and television in Croatia
Ooyala (USA)
Icareus platform is integrated with Ooyala Pulse sell-side video ad serving platform for broadcasters and premium publisher.
Telespazio (Italy)
One of the world's leading players in satellite services.
TVEkstra (Turkey)
TVEkstra is the name of a new world AddressableTV advertising in Turkey. It is the ads sales partner of Icareus in Turkey.

Icareus Reseller Partners

Ateme (France)
Broadcast (Turkey)
Centrax Systems (South Africa)
CS Computer Systems (Croatia)
Divitel (Netherlands)
DTS (Poland)
epeegee (Greece)
Hannu Pro (Latvia)
Hydra (Romania)
Idea Systems (Singapore)
Imagine Communications (USA)
Lebacom (Lebanon)
Maindata (Slovakia)
Mediatech (Hong Kong)
Next Comm (UAE)
Origin Broadcast (France)
Orsatek (Turkey)
QinMedia (Spain)
Rohde & Schwarz (Germany)
StrateVision (Taiwan)


Sunteq (Slovakia)
SupaView (South Africa)
Syes (Italy)
Vietcoms (Vietnam)
Video Progetti (Italy)
V-Lux (Russia)
ZoneSystems (Malaysia)

Icareus Technology Partners

Amazon Web Services (USA)
Amazon AWS is the world leading cloud environment
Ateme (France)
Ateme is the leader in video delivery solutions and Icareus transcoder partner
Bambora (Sweden)
Bambora is the payment and billing service provider
Broadpeak (France)
Broadpeak designs & manufactures video delivery components for Content and Network Service
CDNsun (Czech Republic)
CDNsun is a CDN service provider
CenturyLink (USA)
CenturyLink, also know as Level 3, is one of the leading CDN networks
CRM.COM is advanced Subscription Billing & Real Time Rewards solution provider specialized to Telco and TV industries
Dektec (Netherlands)
Icareus is a the OEM partner of the DekTec, the provider of PC interface adapters and standalone IP converters
Icareus is a the OEM partner of the DELL, the industry standard, high quality HW server vendor
Dune-HD (Russia)
Dune-HD is one of the leading IP Linux and Android set-top box and media streamer vendor
Intertrust (France)
Intertrust's ExpessPlay is a multi-DRM cloud service
Geniatech (China)
Geniatech is one of the leading IP Android set-top box and media streamer vendor
Klik & Pay (Switzerland)
Klik & Pay is a payment solution and service provider
PayPal (USA)
PayPal is one of the best known payment service companies in the world
Radiant Media Player (France)
Radiant Media Player is high quality online video player company
Softvelum (Russia)
Softvelum is the developer of Nimble transcoder software
Viaccess-Orca (Israel)
Viaccess-Orca is the developer of Squadeo video player
Wowza Media Systems (USA)
Wowza Media Systems is the developer of Wowza streaming and media server

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