Multi-tenant OTT Cloud Service for Swedish Operator

IP Sweden is A Swedish Triple Play Service provider

IP Sweden (International Programming Sweden AB) is a relatively young company from Gothenburg, Sweden, though its management has a long experience from the TV industry. IP Sweden provides television and internet telephone services to consumers and condominiums in Sweden and Spain. This company grows year by year thanks to its competitive prices and attractive services, very appreciated by their customers.


IP Sweden is a Swedish triple play service provider. So far IP Sweden’s television offering has been based on a traditional managed network IPTV solution, limiting IP Sweden to offer service in only twenty regions of Sweden. The company needed to widen their service offering and spread without those geographical limitations, to open to Internet household customers.

This case describes how Icareus delivered a hybrid-architecture based, multi-tenant OTT service to IP Sweden, allowing them to start offering their services all around Sweden and even in Spain, where many Swedish people are currently living.

The product


The Challenge

Easy Launch, Easy Maintenence

IP Sweden wanted an easy-to-setup solution, providing an easy launch without long technical projects or high investment. They also needed that said solution required an easy maintenance, avoiding the need to hire new service management or technical employees.

Customised User Interface to Responsive Web and set-top boxes

Naturally, we are talking about the B2C market and consumer TV service, so the user interfaces had to be customized and branded based on the IP Sweden’s look & feel, no matter if the consumer was going to use the set-top box or a web based UI.

New markets

One of the key reasons why IP Sweden wanted to launch the project and new OTT services was to reach new markets in Sweden and specially abroad, to gain a high growth in subscribers.

Low OPEX to Make the Service Profitable Even with Low Subscriber Numbers

IP Sweden is a small triple play operator that was starting the new OTT service from zero. Therefore, the company desired to avoid high CAPEX or OPEX costs and make the service profitable even with low a subscribers number.

“Icareus OTT cloud solution offered an extremely versatile feature set with easy and economical service launch and operations. In addition, Icareus’ flexibility and customer-oriented approach to provide consultation and turnkey services with customized user interfaces and system integration with 3rd party platforms played a key role and made it easy for us to select Icareus to deliver our new platform.”

Mr. Henrik Asp
Managing Director of IP Sweden

The Solution

Icareus OTT solution provides versatile Service Management Tools and Easy Customization

Icareus OTT cloud solution is used to manage IP Sweden’s channels, content packages, subscribers, devices and OTT applications. The new TV service includes approximately 120 premium local and international TV channels, to start with. Subscribers can choose from an assortment of content packages from pre-selected channels packages for e.g. films or sports, or based on their nationality: Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Russian. Additionally, an “pick-and-choose”-package is also available, whereby subscribers can make their own channel selection freely.

Hybrid Architeture brings cost savings in Live Stream Transcoding

In order to minimize the OPEX costs to run the service, the decision was to use local transcoders in IP Sweden’s local data center in Sweden, and not to do the resource intensive live channel transcoding in the cloud level. For transcoding we chose a commercial transcoding software optimized to use Nvidia GPU cards in standard servers. However, the service management is indeed done from Icareus OTT cloud environment.

New markets in Sweden and abroad

With the new OTT service, IP Sweden can now offer TV services across Sweden and also to the more than 100.000 Swedish citizens living in Spain.

Multi-tenant environment allows using virtual OTT services providers and resellers to grow

Icareus OTT solution offers IP Sweden a multi-tenant environment, which allows IP Sweden to work with local distributors and virtual TV operators. Virtual TV operators can offer IP Sweden’s OTT service with their own brand, creating a win-win business scenario without extra infrastructure or content rights investments.

"We at Icareus feel that our culture and way of working match well with IP Sweden - both organizations are innovative, flexible and work hard to offer the best services and solutions to our customers. We look forward to working with IP Sweden and growing in the new TV service together!”

Toni Leiponen
Managing Director, Icareus

The results

IP Sweden wanted to offer a better TV service to a wider customer base across Sweden and to other future markets without regional limitations, and therefore selected Icareus OTT solution for their next TV generation platform.

Icareus OTT solution provided low CAPEX and OPEX costs based on a win-win business model and a service offering that scales according to the number of subscribers.

This solution was based on a hybrid architecture, where video prepartion and transcoding are done on a local datacenter while the service management comes from the Icareus OTT cloud environment.

The end user-interface was done based on customized high quality Icareus OTT app templates to meet the IP Sweden’s brand requirements.

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