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5 reasons why you should build a video academy

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5 reasons why you should build a video academy. 2020 changed the way we do business, meet people and live our daily lives. One of the outcomes of the pandemic is the explosion of online events, trainings, webinars and live streaming as well as other video consumption...

Icareus delivered Helsinki Channel, the new end-to end streaming service to the capital of Finland

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Helsinki, 04.02.2021, Icareus has delivered a renewed Helsinki Channel service to the City of Helsinki. The Helsinki Channel is the city's video communication channel and offers important and current content to the city's residents.
Icareus Suite OVTP vs YouTube

10 reasons: Why YouTube shouldn’t be used as a business or public organization’s video service?

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Here are ten important reasons why you shouldn't use YouTube as your company's or public organization’s main video platform: 1. NO COMPANY OR PUBLIC ORGANIZATION WILL BE SUCCESSFUL ON YOUTUBE Yeah, yeah, it’s known that YouTube is the world’s…