HbbTV Streamer that is trusted by the market

If you are looking for either a HbbTV AIT generator, HbbTV inserter, datacasting solution or broadcast object carousel generator,  Icareus Playout CS Carousel Server provides the most versatile support for signalling interactive and hybrid TV services ranging from HbbTV, MHEG-5 and OpenTV to MHP (Multimedia Home Platform). 

It’s a full DSM-CC Object and data carousel platform for all broadcaster and operator use-cases. 

Years of experience...

The Icareus Playout CS Carousel server has been in production since the early days of interactive TV. It’s used for various datacasting applications such as addressableTV advertising, filecasting and hybrid TV applications, in all possible DVB networks. Our extensive partner network can offer local support in almost all parts of the world!

Meet our AIT generator and DSM-CC Carousel customers

Testimonial from Freesat

"Icareus Playout has enabled Freesat to push on with our plans for Hbbtv and IP channels at a reasonable cost. Mikko and his team have provided Freesat with quick, reliable support that provides confidence for the future."

Trust and reliability with 100% uptime

All Icareus Playout processes have been optimised to meet the highest criteria and reliability requirements of broadcast systems.

Supported by the best vendors in broadcast industry – such as Imagine Communications, Ateme and Rohde&Swartz – the Icareus Playout EPG server offers an unparalleled production platform for our customers. 

HbbTV carousel server scales per business requirements

Icareus Playout CS Carousel offers a possibility to start with a single channel system and grow up to thousands of channels and carousels with multiple unique transport stream outputs from a single server.

There is virtually no limitation to where your platform can grow!

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Channels on a single system
Unique outputs from a single system

HbbTV Carousel server trusted by leading broadcasters and operators

At Icareus, we want to work at the front row, as we believe that it’s the best approach to deliver the best-of-breed products and services to our customers.

The Icareus Playout multi-standard streamer is a future proof AIT table and DSM-CC generator that supports HbbTV, MHEG-5, MHP and Open TV. 

Scales from one to many

Icareus Playout Carousel is suited for both small local broadcasters to large satellite providers that offer signalling as a service.

You can upgrade your system as you go and ensure that your business targets are met. Start with a single standard, channel and transport stream output and scale to hundreds of channels and applications.

Total control on your bandwidth

We understand that broadcast capacity is a scarce resource. We have optimised Icareus Playout with features like dynamic data insertion, bandwidth limitations, repetition rate configuration, DSM-CC collections optimisation, DSM-CC caching control, etc.

Don’t hesitate to ask for details and learn how to optimise your delivery.

Multistandard support

HbbTV is replacing many of the legacy specifications like MHP and MHEG-5, but broadcasters still need to continue to support them during the migration period.

Icareus Playout has been tested to simulcast several standard, offering a single platform to manage all your hybrid TV services.

Extensive tools to fine-tune your tables

The much appreciated tools are a vital part of Icareus Playout platform to give our customers the in-depth view and control on the generated tables. It enables you to add custom descriptors to e.g. AIT, PMT and other tables via standard HEX or XML values. Above all, it is very intuitive to use.

Detailed monitoring brings peace of mind

To ensure that your operational team can react whenever necessary, Icareus Playout Carousel server offers SNMP traps, integrations to monitoring platforms and APIs to integrate directly to your Network management system. The extensive logging shows you exactly where the the issues are to be found. 

Expand your HbbTV streamer server with other modules

Icareus Playout is a full broadcast management platform that offers a wide variety of features to expand your Carousel server to support over-the-air updates, SSU, PSI/SI and EPG.

We also offer a lab and test kit for developers.

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World class services to support your team

Pick the SLA that fits your needs

Icareus offers different SLA levels from office hours to 24/7. You can also rely on our services to install, integrate, develop and train your personnel. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and ensures a fast and easy deployment.

Our standard SLA includes already

  1. Email, phone and online configuration and installation help
  2. Agreed response times for failover situations
  3. Software updates and bug-fixes
  4. Priority feature requests

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