Icareus Video Cloud for Training, Education and Coaching

For colleges, universities, academies, other educational institutions, and companies

Icareus Video Cloud helps you train and learn with the help of videos

Icareus Video Cloud is a cloud service that enables various educational organizations to enhance both teaching and learning results with the help of online videos.

In the Icareus Video Cloud, you produce, manage, and publish both internal and external training videos and events – without technical know-how – on/in your website, intranet and LMS learning environment. Video players, pages, virtual events and portals that match your brand guarantee a consistent user experience for viewers, so that your message gets across effectively, and with analytics you can monitor the level of engagement of the viewers.

The benefits of online video in training and teaching are many

Training efficiency

Everyone is a visual learner, at least in the sense that our brain receives most of the information it processes through our eyes. Research shows that we learn even better when information is presented in a way that targets multiple senses. In addition to the image, the video usually contains sound and/or text, which helps to clarify and increase the amount of information conveyed. This makes it a particularly effective teaching tool.

Cost savings

Organizations have published results of how, by transferring their training to video online, they have obtained tens of percent cost savings and even hundreds of percent annual return on investment.

Saving time

Participants do not have to travel, but are instead able to use their free time to their advantage. They also don’t have to attend at a certain time, but can study exactly when it suits them best.

Share your passion

With the help of videos and live streams, anyone in your organization can easily and widely share their expertise and position themselves and their organization at the top of the industry – seeing is believing!

A larger audience for an educational event

With online videos, you can reach more people than with events tied to a physical location. 


Online video and online events have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than physical events.

Increase in brand value

With the help of live streams and online videos, it is easy to use the expertise found in your organization and thus increase the value of your brand, as video viewing is constantly increasing.

Microsoft calculated that in 3 years it achieved a 569% ROI and 13.9 M$ annual savings with its Microsoft Academy video portal.

Source: Microsoft

Hear a piece of information, and three days later you’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%.

Source: John Medina, Brain Rules 

of employees are more likely to watch a video than read text, if given the choice.
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Icareus Video Cloud EDU Clients

An example case of utilizing the Icareus Video Cloud in education

ICOMEM (The Illustrious College of Physicians of Madrid) was founded in 1893 and is the largest medical association in Spain with 42,697 members.

The ICOMEM Media video service was born in the middle of the  pandemic. Its goal is to become the most significant and up-to-date source of medical information, as part of the continuous training of doctors in Madrid.

Icareus Video Cloud enables and enhances the use of online video in education

Icareus Video Cloud offers solutions from start to finish – for content production, editing, management, publishing, aballization and optional commercialization of educational, teaching and coaching videos and events.

Produce and film

Produce and film training videos and live events with Icareus mobile applications or existing solutions. Manage virtual and hybrid events in the Icareus Video cloud. You can also produce screen capture videos and web camera recordings with Icareus Studio.

Edit and caption

Videos and recorded events can be quickly trimmed, edited with the Icareus Studio video editor to match your organization’s brand, and quickly subtitled with the Icareus subtitling tool to the same language or a translation language.


In the Icareus Video Cloud service, your entire training, teaching and other staff can manage all of the organization’s video content in one place. You can manage videos and their metadata, create and manage events and their recordings, add interactive elements such as message walls and polls, and moderate content and users and participants.

Publish and share

From the video service, you can publish and share your content to all your online environments. You can import videos into your LMS environment via the LTI interface, embed individual videos and compiled video pages on your website, intranet or customer pages. You can also build an entire learning portal or share marketing videos on your SoMe channels.

Analyze and develop

The Icareus video service offers accurate analytics on, among other things, live and recorded viewing of videos and virtual/hybrid events, produced and published videos, and users. Analyse data, improve your content and services, and repeat!

Icareus Video cloud integrates with LMS solutions

If your organization uses LMS learning environments, you can manage the videos of the learning environment easily from the Icareus Video cloud, produce videos that look like your organization, save on the storage space of the LMS environment, avoid ads from others and monitor video viewing through analytics. We support LTI 1.3. -interface, so the teacher can easily open the video menu and attach the desired video to the course. Our customers’ LMS environments include:

The law dictates accessibility and other requirements for online video services of public operators (in Europe)

If your organization is a public or publicly funded operator, your online video services, including your educational and teaching videos and services, must comply with e.g. accessibility requirements, digital services act, data protection regulations and subtitling directive. Read more about what to consider and how Icareus Video Cloud helps you meet the requirements.

Advantages of Icareus Video Cloud in education and teaching

Simplify your internal training and instructional video process

Live events and webinars, streaming videos and SoMe videos - manage or edit videos all from the same cloud service in a browser. Search and publish your videos in online services or LMS learning environments conveniently via the LTI interface.

Produce, edit and subtitle teaching and training videos easily and conveniently

With the Icareus Studio tool, you produce and edit high-quality organization-looking videos by screen capture, recording from a web camera or by importing videos into the tool. With the Icareus subtitling tool, you can subtitle videos manually or by using artificial intelligence-based raw subtitling, which you can use to quickly add subtitles to your videos.

Add effectiveness to your training events in a brand-safe environment

Organize branded, interactive, cyber-safe, high-quality and impactful online training events for 10 - 10,000 participants. You don't want to advertise other brands on your training pages, do you?

Publish internal and external training video pages in minutes

Categorize your content and publish one or more different training video pages for either internal or external use, with its own address, or embed it as part of your website, intranet or extranet.

Provide a high-quality viewing experience for students anywhere, anytime

Top quality video distributed globally, always with your brand and without installation.

Keep full control over your content and their rights

In your own video cloud, only you own the rights to your content and decide where, when and to whom it is shown, without ads from others.

Helps meet accessibility requirements

Subtitles, WCAG support, GDPR-secure video, metadata and viewer management and legal video embeds.

Merchandise content… when your audience is ready to pay for it

If you do paid trainings or coaching, the commercialization of the training content and events is easy with the help of ready-made business models and payment integrations.

An easy-to-use, inexpensive and quick-to-deploy cloud service

You can use the service within a day, and anyone involved in teaching and training, communication or marketing can use the service.

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