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Online events and webinars create new audiences, improve your brand, and generate sales leads
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Versatile white-label event, webinar and webcasting solution for premium video experience

Icareus Event and Webinar solution is an affordable and fast-to-deploy video cloud service that allows organization’s events, communications, marketing, training, and other departments to leverage videos in their day-to-day communication. 

For professional event service and production companies, it provides tools to increase their business and provide value-added services to their customers and take online and hybrid events to the next level.

Thanks to Icareus Event and Webinar video cloud virtual events can be participated on all platforms, even globally without technical know-how or large investments.

The easy-to-use web interface enables anyone to create, manage, distribute, and analyze events quickly and efficiently.

Icareus Webinar and Webcasting Events

Icareus Events and Webinar customers

Benefits of Icareus Event and Webinar solution for end-customers

The Icareus Event and Webinar cloud solution offer numerous benefits for your organization, partners and customers.

Brand value increase

It is easy to utilize the professionalism and knowledge of your organization in webinars to increase your brand value and customer engagement.

Support your business with training

With webinars it is easy to train your employees and your partners efficiently saving both time and travel costs.

Capture sales leads

Hosting a webinar is a great way for sales teams to generate sales leads e.g. via registrations and message board. Based on the research the webinar leads are high quality and engaged to your company.

Share your passion

With webinar it is easy to share your knowledge to a large audience and position yourself to the top of your industry as a thought leader – Seeing is believing!

Bigger audience to event

With webinars you can reach more people than with a physical event.

Cost savings

Both participants and organizers save travel costs and the organizer does not need a big venue or services.

Time savings

Participants do not need to spend time traveling and preparations.

Environmentally friendly

Webinar saves a lot of energy and environment compared to the physical event.

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"Icareus Suite Webinar provides an easy-to-use and reliable solution for Live webcasting and webinar events on all terminals.”
Ari Hiekkataipale, Bright Group
Mr Ari Hiekkataipale
Technical Specialist / Digital Video, Bright Group
Bright webinar
Icareus Webinar käyttäjiä

Icareus' event service partners

The versatile features of Icareus Event and Webinar video cloud are a positive surprise

We want to be a pioneer solution provider. We know that we can bring our customers the best services and provide the features they need today and tomorrow!

Quick 1-minute event creation

You can create a new event in a minute. At the same time, each event gets a unique web address that doesn’t change and that you can share in a timely manner to your entire audience.

With our control panel, you can control your event, if necessary with a multi-camera, and decide on its recording and visibility.

webinaari webcasting
Icareus Events and Webinar custom UI

Customizable interface with your brand

The Icareus Webinar and Event end-user interface is the most advanced on the market, offering unique features such as:

  • Responsiveness, the interface works on all terminals.
  • The interface can be embedded in your own website
  • Customize the look of the interface according to brand in 1 minute!
  • Possibility to use ready-to-go templates or customer’s own HTML code for fully custom user experience
  • Automatic synchronization of slides and presentation, if you want!
  • Host protected events, e.g. by logging in, registration, IP address limitation, tokens, DRM and rights authentication from 3rd party services
  • Embed Twitter or e.g. message box, polling and Q&As to an event
  • Ability to freely embed any content in the interface
  • Possibility to sell tickets to your even

Multiple Access Control Options

Icareus Event solution provides multiple different access control options for customers to select from. In addition to payments, it is possible for the administrator to configure an event with:

  1. custom registration form
  2. admin can create a common username and password for all the participants
  3. the viewer has to give his/her email address
  4. email addresses’ domain based control 
  5. viewer access can be restricted with IP address 
  6. right to access can be checked from the participant list that is imported to the event
  7. Strong authentication via 3rd party system like Nets Identity Service or with SSO integration 
Icareus Events Access Control
Yhtiökokoukset verkossa - annual general meetings online

Annual general meetings, online with strong electronic identification

Strong electronic identification can be used to grant access to an online event or webinar. Icareus Suite guarantees the identity via online banking and other strong identity services.

Combining the identity with e.g. an shareholder registry or participant list you can guarantee the safety of your online event. Whether you host a shareholder meeting, general assembly or other high profile event, you are guaranteed an high-quality and secure event.

One event, multiple rooms and speakers at the same time

Icareus’ event and webinar solution’s multiroom feature enable you to host events with several simultaneus presentations or speakers in different rooms.  Each room has its own live streams and schedules. Not to mention the room’s own branded look & feel, message boards, polls, and other features, based to the exact needs of each room.

Multiroom -tapahtumilla messut ja seminaarit
Icareus Webinar Kalvojen synkronointi

Automatic synchronization of slides

Increasingly, speakers have slides to support their presentation. As an event organizer, you can decide whether to display slides alongside with the live video. If slides are in use, Icareus Webinar automatically syncs and schedules them for recording.

Thanks to the real-time synchronization, both the event recording and the scheduled slides can be viewed immediately after the presentation.

Automated creation fo event recording

Producing an event recording can be cumbersome and slow as you need to edit, upload and transcode it after the vent. However, based on the feedback it is utterly important to have the recording available as soon as possible after the event. 

With Icareus Webinar and Event cloud it is up to you to decide if and when to publish the event recording. Immediately after the event if you want.

You can also decide if you want separate recording for each of the speakers or just one recording for the whole event, everything happens in the cloud.

tallennus recording

Trimming recordings online

With Icareus cloud trimming tool, you can easily edit the recording of your event, cut it shorter, or create event video highlights.

You can also redistribute highlights to your YouTube channel using the YouTube integration of Icareus Suite video cloud and get even more viewers to your webinar recording.

Interactivity during an event

The most impressive webinar is when participants can participate. When you use a message board or chat in connection with your Icareus Event and Webinar, you give viewers the opportunity to interact with you through questions and surveys. With message box queries and chat, participant focus is further increased. At the same time, it increases the value of your webinar, your credibility, and customer engagement.

Furthermore, if the speech or discussion of the participants is also desired for the webinar, it is possible to combine a two-way video conference, e.g. MS Teams, with wide coverage Icareus webinar by streaming the Teams discussion to Webinar tool. In addition to the limited number of Teams participants, other Followers can participate, for example, via the message box. 

Event interactivity
analytiikka analytics

Great analytics

Analytics allows you to analyze the success of your live event and track how its recording is viewed.

Our real-time reporting shows you how new viewers are joining the event and where they leave the stream, so you know exactly what content interests your audience!

Premium webinars and advertising

It is also possible to sell tickets to your event using the integrated payment gateways. In case you want to promote your partners or sponsors, yes you can play video ads along your webinar.

With password protection, you can organise closed events only for your “own group”.

Suite TV Everywhere Monetize Package Credit Ads
live streamaus Simulcast Facebook YouTube

Simulcast to Facebook or YouTube

You an maximise your audience by distributing your event to both your own branded video experience and Youtube or Facebook. 

In many cases, venues also have limited Internet capacity, which prevents simultaneous transmission to different services. Using our Simulcast feature circumvents this problem as you only need to stream to Icareus cloud, we handle the rest.

Integrations with the company's own and third-party systems bring added value

Icareus Suite Video Cloud provides open interfaces for integrations and Icareus staff is available to you for various integration projects.

You can also find more about our interfaces in our helpdesk https://heldesk.icareus.com

TVEverywhere Suite API

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World class support services


You can choose the support package that suits you

We offer various support service packages up to 24/7 support.

You can also count on our help when you start using the Icareus Suite service. We strive to make your life as easy as possible

Our basic support includes e.g.

  1. Email, phone and online support and assistance with installations and configurations
  2. Agreed response times in problem situations
  3. Software updates and fixes
  4. Priority functionality requests


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