Icareus Suite combines the easiness and economic efficiency of the cloud service with the opportunities of the custom solutions

Icareus Suite Online Video and TV platform (OVTP) enables content owners, broadcasters, TV operators and publishers to manage, monetize and distribute their on-demand video, live streaming and video events. 

It is a complete cloud service to manage video assets, channels and subscribers, for both subscription and transactional business models. Icareus Suite Cloud provides a high quality, scalable and robust video cloud, even for global needs.

Icareus Suite is the most versatile video platform on the market for both small and large customers

Icareus Suite is modular, and each customer can choose the features they need. With open interfaces and rich configuration options, we will provide exactly the video platform the customer needs.

The video distribution is optimized to provide best user experience on all the networks and end-devices. With the help of the best quality global content delivery networks, we provide the best content  quality from Scandinavia to Australia. 

Icareus Suite
Icareus SUite videoiden hallinta
Icareus Suite video cloud customers:

Join the group of satisfied customers!

"We have enjoyed working with Icareus due to their flexibility, technical knowledge and ability to quickly react to change."
Mr Timo Lämsä
Producer, Veikkaus TV
"We appreciate Icareus for the good and flexible service and on behalf of AlfaTV team, I would like to thank everyone involved."
Mr Waldis Paeglis
Graphical designer, AlfaTV

Key Benefits of Icareus Suite

Icareus Suite – an online video service offers numerous benefits for your organization, partners and customers.

Easy, fast and economical to take into use

No big projects or costs to start using the cloud service.

Flexible OPEX business model

Low set-up investments and OPEX based business model

Versatile monetization, business and earning opportunities

Multiple different monetization models including e.g. advertisements, subscription or transactions with credit card payments, PayPal, pre-paid cards, vouchers.

The widest set of features and use cases on the market

Modular platform with centralized video hosting, live streaming, webinars, catch-up TV, time-shift-TV, Re-start TV, video-on-demand services, pay-per-view, free, advertisement based or premium paid service. Customized video players and video portals. Social media integrations, and of course adaptive distribution globally, just to name the most important ones.

Modular, brandable and customizable

Not a “one size fits all” solution, but the modular features are chosen according to the customer’s needs. Video user interfaces are configured to look like the customer’s brand, and extensive interfaces enable extensions, integrations, and proprietary video applications for all devices.

Video players, user interfaces and applications for all environments

Responsive, embedded and branded video players and video portals. Are you interested in video applications for your mobile devices, hybrid and SmartTV or streaming set-top boxes? Get in touch and we’ll tell you how.

Video and Live stream protection

You probably want to protect your content and make sure that your content is used only as you wish. You can do this with Icareus Suite video packaging, user management, registrations and IP blocking. We also have support for on-premise video distribution and recordings, e.g. to hospitals. Encrypting videos with a token or even DRM (digital rights management) is no stranger to us.

Video content rights remain with you

Remember that you always have all the rights to the videos when you use the Icareus Suite video cloud, unlike when you use YouTube or Facebook, for example.

Quality and reliability

We partner with the world's leading cloud platform, software and content distribution network providers. Our quality has been found to be excellent by many international TV channels and operators, among others; and on that side millions of end users.

Open API interfaces for integrations

Integration to existing/available solutions to 3rd party platforms from CMS, CRM, EPG, DRM and billing providers or to existing client devices.

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Our pre-packaged solutions for customers:

The Icareus Suite video cloud service offers companies ready-to-use services and solutions.

Icareus Enterprise Video
Icareus Enterprise Video

Icareus Enterprise Video solution is a suite of tools to create opportunities, improve the sales and brand awareness, to train and educate own employees and sales channels worldwide and to communicate quickly and effectively through the whole organization.

Icareus Webinar

Live streaming and video events – sports, concerts, enterprises, training and event companies organizing webinars and Live webcasting events and streaming services. Monetize your matches, gigs, master classes and other events with paywall or advertising. 

Icareus TV Everywhere

The Icareus TV Everywhere solution helps TV broadcasters, channels, content owners and distributors reach and commercialize their viewers anytime, anywhere, both on DVB broadcast and open Internet environments.

Icareus OTT
Icareus OTT

Icareus OTT is targeted for TV operators and content distributors who want to monetize video services on the Internet. The solution allows the service provider to extend a traditional IPTV, cable, satellite or terrestrial service to the open Internet.

Icareus Suite is a video solution for a professional organization

ominaisuus videoarkisto

Video hub

In the video library, manage all your videos in one interface

channels live events kanavat

Live streaming

Luo kanavia ja aloita omat NettiTV lähetyksesi

webinaari webcasting

Video Events

Create new webinars webcasting and other online events just in 1 minute

Icareus Webinar Kalvojen synkronointi

Webinar synchronization

Webinar slides are synchronized automatically with recording

tallennus recording


With automated Live -stream and webinar recordings you can publish those in real time

video players videosoittimet

Customized videoplayer

Customize the video player based on your brand and needs

videoportals videosivustot portaalit

Embedded videos

Embed a video portal or individual videos on your website

Video portal video portaali netti-tv

Video portal

Own a video portal to the intranet or the internet with your own brand and features



With trimming tool, you can quickly cut and publish highlights from your online videos

soittolista playlist

Playlist channels

Create info or advertising channels from your own videos on cloud

Transkoodaus transcoding


Video Cloud automatically creates optimized versions of your videos for different end devices

live streamaus Simulcast Facebook YouTube


Live stream simulcasting to your web site, Youtube or Facebook

Multiplatform support

All end devices

Supports all the end devices from mobile phones to SmartTVs

adaptiivisuus adaptive video


Thanks to the adaptive distribution, your viewers get the best viewing experience on all terminals

Icon CDN

Global distribution

Content distribution through the world's leading Tier1 operator globally

Content packages

With content packaging, you manage various Live, event and VOD services and their pricing

Kaupallistaminen monetize


Monetize your content with payment wall (subscription, pay-per-view or transactions)

Paywall maksumuuri luottokortit credit cards

Payment methods

Supporting all the most popular credit and debit cards, PayPal, and vouchers

Display ja Video mainokset Ads


Ads management supporting both video and display advertising and integrations to DSP/SSP platforms and ads servers

Program guide

With electronic program guides the user knows about upcoming programs and events on your channel

analytiikka analytics


Analytics helps you to understand live and VOD viewing, conversions, engagement and advertising and buying behavior

TVEverywhere Suite API

Open APIs

With open API interfaces it is possible to integrate other solutions and develop new applications to Icareus Suite

nopea toimitus pilveen fast set-up

Fast launch

New Icareus Suite video cloud account can be delivered in 1 day

Luotettavuutta ja laatua - quality

Quality and reliability

Icareus Suite based on video services are used by millions of end users on daily bases and it is trusted by e.g. leading TV channels and operators

Asiakastuki - Customer support

24/7 support & maintenance

Competent customer support is available in English language at the service level of your selection

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World class support services

Get the support that suits your needs

We offer various support service packages up to 24/7 support.

You can also count on our help when you start using the Icareus Suite service. We strive to make your life as easy as possible

Our basic support includes e.g.

  1. Email, phone and online support and assistance with installations and configurations
  2. Agreed response times in problem situations
  3. Software updates and fixes
  4. Priority functionality requests


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General powerpoint presentation about Icareus Suite Online Video and TV platform.

Icareus Suite Manual

By registering in the Icareus Helpdesk, you will have access to all our user guides and you will discover how easy it is to use the Icareus Suite service.