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Helsinki, 31.01.2024: Telenet, a leading innovator in the broadcasting industry and the largest cable broadband services provider in Belgium, has embarked on a transformative project, choosing to replace its existing DVB-MHP carousel playout system with Icareus Playout. The project is facilitated and managed by Icareus’ System Integration partner Divitel and the solution is now in production.

With a vision of providing an unparalleled viewing experience, Telenet’s new carousel system is projected to remain operational for a substantial span of at least 6 years, a commitment Icareus and Divitel were happy to make. This commitment to longevity underlines Telenet’s dedication to consistent excellence and customer satisfaction.

In pursuit of a tailored solution that meets Telenet’s unique needs, the company has chosen Icareus Playout. The decision to go with Icareus was preceded by meticulous testing to ensure seamless technological compatibility. Icareus Playout aligns seamlessly with Telenet’s customised middleware and update mechanisms, as well as its complex broadcasting ecosystem.

"We are proud to have led the project management, bringing our specialized technical expertise in digital video broadcasting to this critical initiative. This project was not just important, significantly extending the lifespan of Telenet’s legacy set-top boxes. As we transition this project into its production phase, Divitel will continue to play a crucial role, offering steadfast support and coordination with Icareus, ensuring ongoing success and reliability."

Hans Kornmann
Divitel’s CEO and founder

One of the main considerations for Telenet was the preservation of its finely tuned set-top-box middleware environment. The new solution had to flawlessly integrate with the four models and their respective middleware without any modifications. Telenet’s rigorous requirements also mandated e.g. the ability to real-time update files without causing disruptions to both the set-top boxes and the server.

Key factors that played a pivotal role in Telenet’s selection of Icareus Playout include:

  • Tight Integration: Icareus Playout boasts a seamless integration with Telenet’s set-top boxes and their customised middleware. This integration ensures that viewers continue to enjoy an optimal user experience. 
  • Technological Compatibility: The comprehensive testing phase confirmed that Icareus Playout harmoniously syncs with Telenet’s broadcasting setup, ensuring no disruptions to operations. 
  • Long-Term Commitment: The dedication of Icareus to continuous product development, coupled with the local support offered through Divitel, solidified the partnership. This commitment promises ongoing enhancement and troubleshooting. 

"We are honored to be a part of Telenet's journey toward technological advancement. Our Playout solution aligns perfectly with Telenet's vision, and we are eager to contribute to their success."

Toni Leiponen
Toni Leiponen
CEO, Icareus Ltd

Icareus Playout is a modular, secure and robust broadcast platform for managing multichannel and -network datacasting needs.

Icareus Playout allows Telenet to manage its datacasting, MHP applications and middware upgrades with ease. Icareus Playout is tightly integrated to Telenet’s systems to provide a seamless 24/7 fully automated content workflow.

Icareus Playout Platform has been in production since 2004 and is trusted by leading operators and broadcasters serving customers in 50 countries.  Icareus Playout product family includes Icareus Playout EP PSI/SI and EPG server, Icareus CS DSM-CC Carousel server for HbbTV and other Interactive TV standards, Icareus Playout DVB SSU server for over-the-air updates and Icareus Playout Compact Lab solution for research, development and testing TV services.

Icareus Ltd was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Combining online and broadcast technologies has been the core of our activities for over two decades, making us true pioneers, some say. We have navigated the transition from linear TV to today’s multi-screen experience. Icareus solutions are enjoyed by millions of consumers through our broadcaster, operator, OTT, and OVP customers in over 60 countries.

Our offerings include Icareus TV & Video Cloud and Icareus Playout, a trusted broadcast platform for EPG, Data carousels, and OTA support solutions for HbbTV, OTT, TV Everywhere, Addressable TV advertising, and Audience Measurement.

Divitel excels in video distribution system integration and management, utilizing sophisticated automated technology and Artificial Intelligence to quickly address viewing issues for a diverse range of global cable, broadcast, and IP operators. Their approach, rooted in observability, ensures exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE), Quality of Service (QoS), and security across various platforms and devices. This strategy allows pay TV operators to concentrate on other critical areas, as Divitel’s advanced data mining, automation, and intelligent processes enable them to scale efficiently and fully capitalize on their video delivery investments. With Divitel, operators can effortlessly navigate the complexities of video distribution, eliminating operational stress. 

Telenet is the largest cable broadband connectivity provider in Belgium with 1,8 million video subscribers. Telenet is committed to helping people and businesses to stay one step ahead in the digital age. They want to build a society in which people enjoy living and working together, embracing the endless possibilities of the digital world to the fullest. For a better quality of life. Telenet is committed to offering customers the best connectivity, the best entertainment experience and the best business solutions, on the device of their choice, anytime, anywhere.

Technology is just technology, until we start to change the world with it. Telenet believes that technology can be used for the better. Strengthening what have already been achieved, and using it to enable deeper, more meaningful relationships with its customers and society.

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