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A note to start with: all SmartTVs support Addressable TV advertising


Which means that there is new inventory available today.

Addressable TV Inventory is available today

Do you know your Inventory?

…we can help you find out.

Icareus Addressable TV solution is market leading innovative publisher side platform targeted for broadcasters and operators.

Personalising TV advertising, targeted TV advertising or Addressable TV advertising, has been the holy grail for broadcasters that they have been searching for decades. It maybe the best way for them to compete against the Internet companies that are constantly growing their advertising market share.

Icareus Addressable TV solution offers an publisher side platform to address the personalisation and programmatic paradigms in TV advertising. It offers new and innovative ad formats that can significantly increase broadcasters ad inventory and thus revenues.

For broadcaster in Europe, the HbbTV Addressable TV provides interesting off-the-self opportunities. Icareus Addressable TV solution integrates with broadcasters’ existing ad platforms, personalisation engines and broadcast automation systems to provide an easily scalable and almost automatically run system with high ROI.

In addition to broadcasters, Icareus Addressable TV platform provides new ways for operators to monetize their services with OTT Addressable TV advertising.

Read more about our Addressable TV Formats SwitchIn, ActiveAd and VideoSwap.

Icareus Addressable TV solution have been developed in close collaboration with operators and broadcasters to offer the perfect platform to monetise SmartTV and HbbTV services

Measuring the Audience is the key

“In the long term, TV networks desire a measurement system that will help them to monetize nonlinear TV ad inventory, as well as provide a holistic understanding of viewer behavior.” – eMarketer 2017

HybridTV offers completely new tools to measure the audience in big scale. Gathering information about viewing patterns, most popular shows and average view times on house-hold level, with millions of contact points, hasn’t been possible before.

Combine the extensive audience data with 3rd party platforms to drive the advertising adds unrivalled benefits for TV advertisers.

AddressableTV Ad networks

Programmable TV is finally available on TV

TV have offered the benefits it has; reach, impact and brand recognition. To combine this intelligently with programmable advertising will increase the inventory and revenues of broadcaster and operators.

Programmable enable broadcasters and OTT operators to report their advertisers many metrics common from digital advertising like:

  • Number of impressions
  • Unique devices per campaign
  • Total amount of devices (per country)
  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Video completion rate


1. Re-targeting

Show SwitchIn ads only to viewers who saw your TV spot

2. Geotargeting

Use IP addresses to geo-target your ads

3. Audience targeting

Build segments from your audience and target better

4. A/B testing

Automatically select the best performing creative

Addressable TV Formats that are proven to generate revenues

Icareus offers a range of Addressable TV formats that are proven to work. Each format targets a requirement derived from broadcasters and their in-dept collaboration with the most innovative advertisers.

Addressable TV Formats

Activations and Call-to-Actions

It is not just about the impressions, but Addressable TV provides activations to extend the time spent with the advertiser.Icareus has developed simple yet powerful actication means to guarantee the success of all Addressable TV campaigns. These actications are linked to call-to-actions and take the viewer to a brand story.

Our Activations are: Long-form video, Coupons, 1Pager and Microsites. Don’t hesitate to hear more!

3-2-1 ON AIR!

Easy steps to go live

1.Icareus provides .TS file to be ingested to multiplex

2.Icareus set-ups account in cloud

3.Start audience monitoring

  • how many unique TVs you have, how many viewers you have per channel/day/hour/minute, how long viewers stay on your channel on average, what is your market share à calculate your addressable TV inventory

4.Start monitoring linear advertising

  • Trigger from playout to know what’s on + setup Icareus Playout à exact number on how many viewers see your linear ads (per ad)

5. Launch Addressable TV

  • SwitcIn
  • ActiveAd
  • VideoSwap

6. Integrate to SSP & DMP

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