Awe and monetize your viewers

Complete HbbTV platform from Icareus, with real-world references

HbbTV services that your viewers and advertisers will love

Awe and monetize your viewers!

Icareus provides a holistic approach and an end-to-end solution for HbbTV with Audience Measurement, Addressable TV, Applications and Signalling.

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HbbTV will make broadcasting the 1# OTT platform

HbbTV will provide broadcasters the tools needed to join the race and win the OTT competition

HbbTV is do or die for broadcasters

Why is HbbTV do or die for broadcasters?

TV is still the favourite viewing device in any household and the most powerful media for advertising and brand engagement, but TV viewing itself has changed. Broadcasters, advertisers, operators and content owners unable to adapt to its new pace will have it very difficult to keep existing along these fast and core transformations. What is changing and how can HbbTV save the day?

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We know exactly what Apps are needed

Select them from our portfolio and deploy from Icareus Suite Cloud. Don’t be second guessing on your TV Apps, let us help you set up the best Hybrid TV experience!

The perfect Hybrid TV toolset for broadcasters, operators and advertisers

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The #1 Broadcast Platform for HbbTV

Icareus Playout is an all-in-one interactive and trusted broadcast platform, in production since 2004. It can help you manage DVB services and cross carriage in multiplexes for EPG, ingest data carousels and TV applications and update the firmware of end-devices and head-end equipment, among many other features. Do you want to know more?

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Real audience measurement from TV

Understanding the viewers is more critical than ever, to compete in the growing video marketplace. With our audience solution, you can get holistic data from your viewers’ behaviour in real time, about any kind of video consumption. The Icareus approach allows data collection from any device: linear channel viewing, on-demand views and application usage tracking. Where information is key, this can offer the greatest benefits for all parties: broadcasters, TV operators, advertisers, sponsors, ad agencies, etc. Would you like to know more?

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Maximize your TV advertising potential

Nowadays all SmartTVs support Addressable TV, which opens a wide new world of possibilities for TV advertising. You can keep all the advantages of TV goodies (brand lift, reach, impact and engagement) while accessing the benefits of digital adversiting: new and interactive creative options, bigger inventory, enhanced targeting and real time measurement. Create unbeatable marketing actions based on the new addressable TV formats: SwitchIn, ActiveAd, Promotion, VideoSwap and InApp advertising. Are you interested?

Online video and tv cloud to host, manage and publish your HbbTV services

Icareus Suite Online Video and TV Platform (OVTP) was introduced to take the next step from broadcast to Hybrid TV (HbbTV) and to online video services. It’s a complete cloud service to manage assets, channels and subscribers, for both subscription and transactional business models. With this powerful platform you can control the entry to your channel, manage your own HbbTV App Stores and portals, offer multi and single-channel EPG data and manage many other hybrid TV related tasks. Lead your users, advertisers and partners towards an enhanced viewing experience based on the advantages that HbbTV provides. It all happens in Icareus Suite!

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