Multi-platform White Label OTT Service

For operators and small niche content distributors

Icareus OTT platform provides a cloud based end-to-end solution

The time for OTT is now, as the amount of internet connected devices has exploded, and the people want to receive their favorite content online. This market provides TV service providers, content owners, aggregators and other service providers new ways to exploit their existing content, reach their customers even globally, and increase online revenue.

Icareus OTT platform can provide a cloud-based end-to-end solution for service providers building a new OTT service, ie. CloudTV. Either you are a small player wanting to launch an OTT service for some small niche target group or an established large operator wanting to start a new OTT service to reach new customers – we have the right solution for you!


Meet our OTT customers

Icareus OTT Alternatives - OTT via Any Network


Icareus OTT

Targeted at cable, telco, ISP, and IPTV operators located on markets with good internet connection. Opportunity for other content owners also to build services for niche market segments.

Icareus OTT HbbTV services and OpApps

Targeted at DVB network operators that want to launch hybrid TV services for households, with broadcasters, advertisers and/or other content owners.
OpApp is a virtual set-top box that allows for a uniform user interface across different HbbTV SmartTV devices. It reduces the CAPEX investment needed, as no set-tops are required. Requires co-operation from TV manufacturers.

Icareus Satellite-OTT

Targeted at operators and service providers on markets where an internet connection is not an economical choice or technologically possible.

“Icareus OTT cloud solution offered an extremely versatile feature set with easy and economical service launch and operations. In addition, Icareus’ flexibility and customer-oriented approach to provide consultation and turnkey services with customized user interfaces and system integration with 3rd party platforms played a key role and made it easy for us to select Icareus to deliver our new platform.”
Icareus OTT approach:
Co-creation with OPEX and minimum CAPEX

We believe that building together for the long term delivers the best results.

Excellent monetization

Subscriber management, addressable TV, online advertising, paywalls, subscription services, analytics…

Ease of mind thanks to Icareus Platform

Running on a global and robust cloud environment.

Open solution

Using our web service's APIs you can integrate to legacy systems and develop UX using 3rd parties and avoid lock-in.

Win-win relationship

We want you to grow and succeed, and will support this in all possible ways, because our success depends on your success.

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Benefits of the high quality Icareus OTT solution

At Icareus, we want to work at the front row: we believe that it’s the best approach to deliver the best products and services to our customers.

Icareus Off-the-shelf TV Everywhere provides tested and convenient user experience to different kinds of services in all devices, with millions of users and 10 years of experience. 

Easy, fast and economical to take into use and maintain

There are no big projects or costs to start using the Icareus OTT cloud platform. As a cloud service, automated updates keep the solution at its best, always, all the time.

Fast delivery
Icareus Suite features

Versatile feature set

  • Linear Channels and your own playlist channels with EPG, recordings and adaptive streaming
  • Catch-upTV, TimeShift and Re-StartTV options
  • Video-On-Demand asset management
  • Automated adaptive video transcoding
  • Multiple Live and VOD content packaging and monetization options with paywall and vouchers
  • Advertisement management
  • Subscriber management
  • End-device management
  • Easy, customizable app templates
  • Interactive services and social media integrations
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Open APIs for CRM, CDN, DRM, OSS/BSS, payment systems,
  • Open APIs for end-device applications

Optimized monetization

Icareus OTT solution offers multiple different monetization models, including e.g. advertisements, subscriptions or transactions.

The targeted Addressable TV advertising can be done with built-in ads campaign and creatives tools, or through a 3rd party ad server or DSP.

The integrated payment gateways support debit and credit card payments, PayPal, and Icareus platform’s own voucher tools.

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Highly scalable and robust service with global reach

Icareus OTT solution runs on Amazon AWS’s scalable (both up and down) and private cloud architecture environment enabling quick, automatic changes when needed.

When adding the multi-CDN environment based on world leading CDN providers like CenturyLink and CloudFront to the solution, we can offer the best quality content distribution and user experience for OTT services.

Not just Internet - TV quality system


Although Icareus OTT connects end-devices mostly via the Internet, it’s not just for the Internet – our systems have been in TV production use since 2004, and our solutions meet the requirements of the TV world.

In addition to the highest quality broadcaster proof server environment, we also provide real user experience for demanding consumers.

Icareus Ecosystem

Vast ecosystem to utilize the best technologies and solutions on the market

Icareus has partnered with market leading technology and service vendors to provide the best possible end-to-end solutions to its OTT customers.

Icareus OTT solution is seamlessly  integrated to solutions like video players, billing platforms, DRM, EPG, transcoding solutions and streaming servers. In addition, through Icareus open API interfaces, it is easy for any service provider to utilize their existing infrastructure like CRM, Billing, EPG, VOD platforms and other similar systems.

Integrate your Icareus OTT service with your existing and other 3rd party solutions

Icareus OTT service is based Icareus Suite Online Video and TV platform, which provides Open APIs for integrating the broadcaster’s service to existing/available solutions or to other 3rd party platforms e.g. CMS, CRM, EPG, DRM and billing providers or to existing client devices.


API interfaces
Key Benefits of Icareus OTT

Icareus Suite OTT – provides multiple benefits for your service:

Easy, fast and economical to take into use

No big projects or costs to start using the cloud service.

Flexible OPEX business model

Low set-up investments and an OPEX based business model.

Versatile monetization, business, and earning opportunities

Multiple different monetization models including e.g. advertisements, subscription, or transactions with credit card payments, PayPal, pre-paid cards or vouchers.

The widest set of features and use cases on the market

A modular platform with centralized video management, live TV channels, catch-up TV, time-shift TV, re-start TV, video-on-demand services, pay-per-view, free, advertisement based or premium paid service. Customized video players and video portals. Social media integrations, and of course adaptive distribution globally, just to name the most important ones.

Modular, brandable and customizable

Not a “one size fits all” solution, but the modular features are chosen according to the customer’s needs. Video user interfaces are configured to look like the customer’s brand, and extensive interfaces enable extensions, integrations, and proprietary video applications for all devices.

Video players, user interfaces and applications for all environments

Responsive, embedded and branded video players and video portals. Are you interested in OTT applications for your mobile devices, hybrid and SmartTV or streaming set-top boxes? Get in touch and we’ll tell you how.

Video and Live stream protection

You probably want to protect your content and make sure that your content is used only as you wish. You can do this with Icareus Suite video packaging, user management, registrations and IP blocking. We also have support for on-premise video distribution and recordings, e.g. to hospitals. Encrypting videos with a token or even DRM (digital rights management) is no stranger to us.

Scalable and robust systems

Scalable, both up and down with cloud architecture enables quick changes in computing power. Icareus Suite runs on Amazon Elastic Cloud servers and uses leading CDN networks for global distribution.

TV quality system

Not just the Internet – our systems have been in TV production use since 2004. Our quality has been found to be excellent by many international TV operators, among others; and on that side millions of end users.

Open API interfaces for integrations

Integration to existing/available solutions, to 3rd party platforms from CMS, CRM, EPG, DRM and billing providers, or to existing client devices.

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World class services to support your team

Pick the SLA that fits your needs

Icareus offers different SLA levels from office hours to 24/7. You can also rely on our services to install, integrate, develop and train your personnel. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and ensures a fast and easy deployment.

Our standard SLA includes already

  1. Email, phone and online configuration and installation help
  2. Agreed response times for failover situations
  3. Software updates and bug-fixes
  4. Priority feature requests

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