Icareus Video Cloud for Broadcasters, Media and OTT

For TV, content owners and other media

A video cloud service that lets your content shine everywhere, anytime

A customizable video platform solution brings value to all video service providers and developers.

Icareus Video Cloud is an online video platform with which the customer can produce, manage and distribute all their video content using an Internet browser, and if they wish, monetize it with the help of a payment interface and advertisements.

Our video platform has its roots in the TV and media environment, where it has customers in dozens of countries.

Our solution enables:

  • TV Everywhere, OTT, SmartTV, movie or other content service implementation
  • Management of applications, metadata, users and user experience on all end devices
  • With the help of business advertising and user analytics, different paid business models.
Icareus Suite

Icareus Video Cloud is flexible and it can be used in various customer solutions

TV channels and operators

Icareus has worked with TV channels and operators for more than 20 years in up to 60 countries. Icareus Video Cloud offers all the necessary features for building, managing and monetizing an OTT or TV Everywhere-style video service.

Icareus OTT Solution


Various media use a lot of video these days, but publishing systems are not optimized for managing video content or advertisements. Media can easily manage videos, events, recordings and advertisements with the Icareus Video Cloud, and include them with other content.

Icareus TV Everywhere Solution

Movie services and other content owners

The holy trinity of content services: competitive content, platform and marketing. Icareus Video Cloud offers a platform for all content owners and distributors to build a technically competitive video service, inexpensively, without large investments.

Icareus Video Cloud transmission method

Cloud service – Operates from a global and reliably leading cloud environment.

UX & applications – Customizable, template-based applications and browser-based user interfaces provide a top-quality user experience and the basis for fast and economical implementation and maintenance.

Low initial investments – Small installation and customization costs leaves room in the budget for content and marketing as well.

OPEX service model – OPEX is based on the number of subscribers, advertising, sales or your customer base, according to the contract.

Open platform – Our cloud service APIs allow you to integrate with legacy systems and develop user experience with third parties, avoiding high development costs or being locked into a single system.

Win-win relationship – We want you to grow and succeed and we support this in every possible way because our success depends on your success.

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Icareus Video Cloud clients

Icareus Video Cloud enables the publication of a high-quality video service with your own brand, quickly and easily

The Icareus Video Cloud service offers a tested and convenient user experience for various video services on all devices, with millions of users and 10 years of experience.

Easy, fast and economical to implement and maintain

Getting started with the Icareus cloud service doesn’t require large projects or incur high costs. As a cloud service, automatic updates keep the solution at its best, always.

Versatile features

The modular and versatile Icareus Video cloud platform enables use according to the customer’s needs, whether your service is a Live TV, catch-up TV, time-shift TV, Re-start TV, VOD, free, advertising-based or premium paid service.

Icareus SUite videoiden hallinta
Content monetization

Icareus Video Cloud service offers several different monetization models, including e.g. advertisements, orders or events.

Targeted video advertising can be done through built-in ad campaigns and ad tools, or through third-party ad servers or DSPs.

The integrated payment interfaces support bank and credit card payments, PayPal and the Icareus platform’s own voucher tools.

Customizable user interfaces

Our system offers public, template-based end-user applications and user interfaces, as well as a browser-based user interface for the management user. The solution can also be used through API interfaces alone, in which case our client company itself can be responsible for the implementation of video applications.

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Open interfaces to existing systems

The Icareus Video cloud platform offers open API interfaces to integrate the service with existing / available solutions or other third-party platforms, e.g. CMS, CRM, EPG, DRM and billing service providers, or existing client devices.

From a management perspective, Icareus Video Cloud offers its own browser-based tools for management users, or it can work as a “black box” solution that integrates with other systems and is managed through other systems.

Analyze and develop

The Icareus Video service offers accurate analytics on viewing of live content, videos and events, advertising, sales and users, among other things. Analyze data, improve your content and services, and repeat!

Customer support

We offer various support service packages up to 24/7 support.

You can also count on our help when starting to use the Icareus Video service. We strive to make your life as easy as possible!

Our basic support includes e.g.

  • Email, phone and online support, help with installations and configurations
  • Agreed response times in problem situations
  • Software updates and patches
  • Priority functionality requests

Icareus Video Cloud user interfaces for all terminals

Smart TV (AndroidTV, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, HbbTV)
Tablets and mobile phones
Mobile devices
Responsive Web
Responsive web services
Set-top boxes
Set-top boxes

The main advantages of Icareus Video Cloud for content owners and distributors

Easy, fast and affordable implementation

No big startup projects or costs

Flexible and cost-effective service billing

Low start-up costs and billing based on monthly service depending on the scope of the service

Versatile business and earning opportunities

Converting video to money can be done in already supported ways, e.g. through advertising, content packaging and paywalls.

The market's widest features and usage possibilities

Centralized video maintenance, live streaming, webinars, on-demand video services, pay-per-view option. Custom video players and video portals. Social media integrations, and of course adaptive distribution globally, just to mention the most important ones.

Modular, brandable and customizable

There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution, but modular features are chosen according to the customer's needs. The video user interfaces are configured to look like the customer's brand, and extensive interfaces enable extensions, integrations and own video applications for all end devices.

Video players, user interfaces and applications for all environments

Responsive, embeddable and brandable video players and video portals for the Internet or Intranet. Are you interested in video applications for mobile devices, hybrid and SmartTV or streaming set-top boxes? Get in touch and we'll tell you how.

Protection for videos and live streams

Every now and then you may want to protect your content and you can do so with e.g. video packaging, user management and registrations, or e.g. using IP blocking to define who watches your videos. We also have support for on-premise video distribution and recordings, e.g. for hospitals. Encrypting videos with tokens or even DRM (digital rights management) is also possible.

You retain the content rights of the videos

Remember that you always retain the rights to the videos when you use the Icareus Suite video cloud, unlike when you use e.g. YouTube or Facebook.

Quality and reliability

We have the world's leading cloud platform, software and content distribution network providers as partners. Our quality has been recognized as excellent by, among others, many international TV channels and operators; and millions of end users in the process.

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