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ZoneSystems delivered Icareus Playout EPG solution to RTB in Brunei

Read 10 reasons why Icareus EPG is the best solution for RTB

Helsinki, 07.09.2023, Icareus’ Malesia based partner Asia Pacific Zone Systems Sdn Bhd has delivered Icareus Playout EPG platform to Radio Television Brunei, a national television and radio broadcaster. 

RTB is a loyal customer of Icareus and they have been using Icareus Playout platform for Electronic Program data management and distribution as well as Data and Object Carousels since 2010. They now selected the new latest version of Icareus’ Playout EPG Platform to replace the old system for managing PSI/SI information and electronic program data for their national network.   

Icareus Playout is a modular, secure and robust broadcast platform for managing multichannel and network EPG data. It enables distinctive configuration of EPG data sources, EIT tables, PSI/SI descriptors, and allows even custom configurations.  

The top 10 reasons why Icareus Playout EPG is the best solution for RTB are: 

  1. Enhanced User Experience: The new version of Icareus’ Playout EPG Platform promises to elevate the TV viewing experience for RTB’s audience. With improved PSI/SI information management and precise electronic program data distribution, viewers can enjoy accurate and up-to-date content schedules, leading to greater satisfaction and engagement. 
  2. Seamless Transition: Upgrading to the latest version of Icareus’ Playout EPG Platform provides a seamless transition for RTB. The familiarity RTB has with Icareus as an existing customer ensures a smoother adoption process and reduces potential disruptions in their broadcasting operations. 
  3. Cutting-Edge Features: The new version of Icareus’ Playout EPG Platform brings cutting-edge features that empower RTB to stay ahead in the broadcasting industry. These features might include advanced data manipulation capabilities, real-time updates, and more sophisticated customization options. 
  4. Flexibility and Customization: Icareus Playout offers the flexibility to tailor EPG data sources, EIT tables, PSI/SI descriptors, and other configurations to match RTB’s specific requirements. This level of customization ensures that RTB can adapt the platform to its unique broadcasting needs. 
  5. Reliability and Robustness: RTB’s trust in Icareus Playout EPG server’s reliability and robustness underscores its reputation as a dependable solution. The platform’s stability and resilience contribute to uninterrupted broadcasting, reducing downtime and enhancing RTB’s credibility among its audience. 
  6. Efficient Network Management: By choosing Icareus Playout, RTB gains a powerful tool for managing its channel lineups and network parameters efficiently. This efficiency not only saves time and resources but also allows RTB to respond quickly to changes in the broadcasting landscape. 
  7. Streamlined Operations: Icareus Playout’s modular design streamlines RTB’s operations, making it easier to manage multichannel and network EPG data. This efficiency can lead to improved resource allocation and optimized workflows for RTB’s broadcasting team. 
  8. Future-Proof Solution: Icareus Playout’s commitment to staying at the forefront of broadcasting technology ensures that RTB is investing in a future-proof solution. As the broadcasting industry evolves, RTB can rely on Icareus to continue providing updates and innovations that keep their operations up to date. 
  9. Competitive Advantage: By leveraging Icareus’ state-of-the-art Playout EPG Platform, RTB gains a competitive edge in delivering high-quality TV experiences. This advantage can help RTB attract more viewers and maintain its position as a leading broadcaster in its market. 
  10. Dedicated Customer Support: As an established customer of Icareus, RTB benefits from a strong customer support network. Any queries, concerns, or technical issues can be promptly addressed, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth broadcasting process. 

Relying on Icareus Playout was a natural choice as RTB had verified Icareus Playout EPG server to be the best, most robust and feature rich platform in the market. It enables RTB to offer better TV experience to its broadcaster customers and TV viewers while managing the channel lineups and network parameters in the most efficient way possible. 

"As a system integrator company, we are constantly in search of a reliable and efficient solution that align with our client’s requirement, and Icareus exceeded our expectations in every way."

Asia Pacific Zone Systems Sdn. Bhd.

Icareus Playout platform is the leading broadcast solution in the world, selected by main broadcasters and DVB operators in Europe and MENA including Arabsat, Asharq News, Arqiva, BVN, Dialog TV, DU, France24, Freesat, Mediaset, Persidera, Telefonica, Telenet, Telespazio, RAI etc. It has been in production since 2004.  

“We at Icareus are always happy when our existing customers renew their trust in us and want to extend the collaboration and use our products in new deployments. It is a testament to the quality of Icareus products and the service we offer. We see this as the highest award we can receive.”

Toni Leiponen
Toni Leiponen
CEO, Icareus Ltd​

Icareus Playout EPG solutionoffers Trusted Broadcast Technology enjoyed by leading broadcasters and operators globally for over a decade. Icareus Playout EP110 server is a full-scale PSI/SI generator server targeted for operators and broadcasters to manage their DVB multiplexes and channel lineups. The tested integrations to multiplexes, EPG data providers, network management systems and Icareus Suite enable quick deployment and high reliability. Icareus global reseller and systems integrator partners offer high service levels and peace-of-mind to our customers.

Icareus Playout product family includes Icareus Playout EP PSI/SI and EPG server, Icareus CS DSM-CC Carousel server for HbbTV and other Interactive TV standards, Icareus Playout SSU server for over-the-air updates and Icareus Playout Compact Lab solution for research, development and testing TV services. Icareus Playout solutions have been deployed in broadcasting production since 2004 is trusted by world leading TV operators and broadcasters serving customers in 50 countries like SES (Luxemburg), Arabsat (UAE), Cyfrowy Polsat (Poland), NovaTV (Czech) Mediaset (Italy).

Radio Television Brunei (RTB), (Malay: Radio Television Brunei, Jawi: راديو تيليۏيشين بروني,) is the national public broadcaster of Brunei. Radio Brunei made its first broadcast on 2 May 1957, with a television service starting on 1 March 1975. Currently, it operates 3 television channels and 5 radio stations.

Icareus Ltd is established 2001 and has a headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Combining online and broadcast technologies have been the core of our activities over a decade, true pioneers some say. We’ve been making the change from linear TV to today’s multi-screen experience. Icareus’ customizable end-user apps provide unique TV experience with economical service launch and maintenance on any device. Icareus solutions are enjoyed by millions of consumers via our broadcaster, operator, OTT and OVP customers in over 60 countries. Icareus provides cloud solutions for TV and video services and trusted broadcast EPG, Carousel, OTA and Lab head-end products. Our platforms support solutions for HbbTV, OTT, TV Everywhere, Addressable TV advertising and Audience Measurement.

Asia Pacific Zone Systems Sdn Bhd (APZS) is a premier provider and integrator of commercial satellite, terrestrial and broadcast / media transmission solutions, maintaining readiness and providing daily operational services to customer’s systems worldwide.

For more Information: 

Ms. Jessica Glad 

Marketing & Communications
Icareus Ltd 
Email: jessica.glad[at]icareus.com 
Phone: +358 (0)9 2289 080

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Icareus Playout EPG

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Read more about our market leading Icareus Playout HbbTV carousel streaming server solution from our website:

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PesisTV: Sports Video Platform Home Run

The Finnish Pesäpallo Federation launched its new video platform, PesisTV, in July of this current year. The platform made its debut in conjunction with three national camps: Kankaanpää Kid Camp, Joensuu Grand Camp, and Oulu Youth Camp.


Pesäpallo is the Finnish version of baseball, and as part of the Finnish Pesäpallo Federation, the Finnish Baseball and Softball Federation operates as the governing body for baseball and softball in Finland.

During its pilot month, PesisTV provided a new and excellent way to enjoy the highlights of young baseball players, with evident success. Even though the camps already gathered a large number of on-site supporters, the video platform offered the opportunity to watch games live from the comfort of one’s own home. Viewers from all around Finland got to enjoy a virtual coverage of a total of 450 matches during the three camps, and this opportunity was eagerly embraced. The camps achieved impressive numbers: there were nearly five thousand registered viewers, streamed games were watched for over 7700 hours, and the highest concurrent viewership occurred during the Youth Camp’s CT competition, with a whopping 443 viewers tuning in!

Registered viewers

Streamed games

Streamed hours viewed

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the camps’ contribution to the production, as it was the camps themselves that were responsible for the match production.

The development of PesisTV was handled by the Finnish technology company Icareus Ltd. Icareus Ltd is a respected player in Finland, with extensive experience in collaborating with sports clubs and federations. The company has successfully partnered with organizations like F-Liiga and the Finnish Floorball Federation. Icareus Ltd’s strong experience and expertise have played a crucial role in the development of the Baseball Federation’s new video platform.

In the future, we can certainly anticipate even more exciting moments as PesisTV continues to grow, delivering unforgettable experiences for baseball enthusiasts both from the sidelines and the comfort of their own homes.

“The launch of PesisTV was a great success during the nationwide summer camps. The service was well-received, allowing us to bring the joy of camp games live to homes.”

Miika Rantatorikka
Executive Director, Finnish Pesäpallo Federation

“For us at Icareus, sports is a central area of focus that we want to invest in. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Pesäpallo Federation in bringing the PesisTV service to our national pastime.”

Toni Leiponen
Toni Leiponen
CEO, Icareus Ltd

Contact us for more info:

Jessica Glad

Marketing & Communications
Icareus Ltd
E-mail: jessica.glad[at]icareus.com
Phone: +358 (0)9 2289 0801

The Finnish Pesäpallo Federation organizes both recreational and competitive activities in baseball. The highest level of baseball in Finland is Superpesis, and Superpesis matches are available on the Ruutu service. Baseball has maintained its position as Finland’s national game and is the country’s third most popular ball sport. Its top leagues in Finland are Men’s Superpesis and Women’s Superpesis. There are a total of 360 registered baseball clubs in Finland, with 18,000 licensed adult and junior players.

Icareus Ltd, founded in 2001, is a growing and profitable Finnish company specialized in video cloud services. Approximately 60% of our sales come from outside Finland, and internationally, our main customers consist of video professionals such as TV channels, TV operators, and media companies. Over the years, we have accumulated clients from around 60 countries, spanning Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, as well as South and North America.

Icareus Video Cloud is the most versatile online SaaS cloud video service in Europe, catering to a diverse range of users including sports organizations, TV channels, operators, corporations, public entities, and even micro-enterprises. Icareus Suite offers numerous features such as virtual and hybrid events, live broadcasts, video-on-demand streaming, customizable video portals, video captioning and editing tools, social media integrations, subscriber management, ad control, paywalls, and a convenient mobile application for uploading videos from phones. All of Icareus’ video services are brand-safe, customer-branded solutions tailored to specific customer preferences.

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Read more about the customizable Icareus Sports Video Cloud on our website:

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Icareus Video Cloud – New Features

Icareus Video Cloud continues to grow and develop with great speed

During the past year, we have gained dozens of new customers around the globe from various fields of operation. They range from private companies to public and third sector organisations. It is our aim, here at Icareus, to be the leading video cloud service in Europe.

Icareus Video Cloud



editointiAsset 5


hallinnoiAsset 6





Icareus Suite Video Cloud is  a service platform running on the scalable environment and targeted for broadcasters, operators, enterprises and  public organizations to manage and distribute their video based content. Icareus Suite allows you to manage your Live, event and on-demand content, subscribers, content packaging, services, access control, user experience, advertisements and monetization on pretty much any platform.

Icareus Video Cloud new features

Icareus invests heavily in product development. We have published hundreds of improvements and numerous new features this year. Most of the work done on product development we base on the needs of our clients, in addition to which we do a great deal of “invisible” work to improve our service platform. 

Here are the top 6 new Icareus Video Cloud features published during this past year.

1. Icareus Studio video editor

Icareus Studio is a browser-based, easy-to-use video editor that doesn’t require you to install anything on your computer.

With Icareus Studio, you can publish brand-appropriate video with no previous video editing experience, fast and easy. Edit video files, take screenshots – even capture webcam footage for a video.

Icareus Studio

2. MyIcareus mobile app

MyIcareus mobile app

MyIcareus mobile app is a handy tool that allows users to film, upload, and publish video to the cloud with ease.

The app works on both phones and tablets, and is available for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

3. Video and event analytics 2.0

At the start of year 2022, Icareus published a new video and event analysis platform, based on big data, for our clients to make use of.

This new solution provides its users with precise statistics of all views, watch times, and device types used to watch video, whether live or a recording.

4. Icareus caption tool

Icareus tekstitystyökalu

Before summer holidays, we rolled out the first version of Icareus’s very own caption tool – a tool especially yearned for by organisations following accessibility guidelines.

Icareus caption tool allows the creation, editing, translating and publishing of both captions and subtitles. The handy timeline and keyboard shortcuts make captioning easy, and text files can be uploaded to the tool to speed the process up even more.

5. Icareus chat/message board 2.0

Icareus is constantly improving already existing features, and a great deal of product development is based on client feedback.

One such long longed-for feature was the new and improved version of Icareus Message Board: among other things, liking and answering messages is now possible.

6. User access management

Our bigger clients can have dozens or even hundreds of admin users. In those cases, users are divided into different groups or units, with admins at the helm.

With the Icareus User Access Management tool, users can be divided into roles, such as main users, admin users and viewers. They can also be grouped up into specific teams, such as Communications, Education, etc.

Each user or team can then be given access to specific content.

Additional information

Wish to know more, either about features mentioned above, or anything else Icareus-related? Contact us. More info will be provided at our Helpdesk.