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Blog what is DVB-TA

DVB-TA is the new specification by DVB Project that defines a technical framework to offer dynamic ad substitution on broadcast networks. It is an good initiative to bring economies of scale and interoperability between different ad and broadcast platforms.

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This document provides detailed technical details on Icareus Addressable TV Formats, +Activations and Creatives

Formats are: SwitchIn, ActiveAd, VideoSwap and Promote
+Activations are: Long-form video, Coupon, 1Pager and Microsite
Creatives: Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, L-Banner, Video

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updated: 30.05.2019

This is a general presentation on Icareus Addressable TV Solution for TV operators, broadcaster.

Personalising TV advertising, or Addressable TV offers a publisher side platform to address the personalisation and programmatic paradigms in TV advertising.

Presentation version 9.9.2019.