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In a digital world where visual and auditory content is taking over the screens, we must not forget the importance of captioning in terms of accessibility. Captioning is not just a nice-to-have feature, it opens the door for many people to participate in the digital world. This makes it a necessity for public actors, among others, to consider. 

People with hearing impairments, different language groups and people with learning difficulties benefit greatly from captions and subtitles. They enable people to understand sound-rich content regardless of hearing status or language barriers. At the same time, it improves search engine understanding and helps everyone find what they are looking for. When sharing your content online, remember to include captions – a small act with a big impact.   

A little effort to add subtitles means a huge impact on accessibility – it’s not just responsible, it’s smart business. But this effort is easy to reduce with today’s technology. Artificial intelligence opens new possibilities to make content accessible to a wide audience, and one major help is an intelligent AI subtitling tool. 

Traditional subtitling tools require manual work, which can be time-consuming, even expensive. This can prevent many content providers from paying sufficient attention to accessibility. Now, our intelligent subtitling tool, powered by artificial intelligence and included in our Icareus Suite video platform, offers a fast, accurate and cost-effective way to add subtitles to your video content. 

The interface of the Icareus automatic captioning tool. The tool can be used to provide captions for videos in Finnish, Swedish or English.

This AI-based tool can automatically convert spoken language into text. The resulting raw text is perfectly understandable and often good as it is, but may require cleaning up the filler words, stuttering and other word repetition that often occurs in spoken language. Nevertheless, using AI texting can reduce the resources required for subtitling by up to 90%! 

The captions created can be easily translated into different languages afterwards with our subtitling tool, allowing for the content to be understood globally. This means that the language barrier is no longer a barrier, and people with hearing loss and different language groups can enjoy your videos. 

Our subtitling tool, with a wide range of translation languages.

Smart captioning tools not only improve accessibility, they also save time and resources. They free up content producers’ time from creating manual subtitles and allow them to focus on the quality of the content itself.  

When your goal is to make your content accessible and reach a wider audience, don’t hesitate to use our AI subtitling tools. Icareus is ready to help you promote accessibility and make the world a place where everyone can participate. 

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Learn more about the solution, how it works, and how to use it on the Icareus Helpdesk.

In the autumn of 2022, the Finnish Floorball Federation launched their own, Icareus built and hosted branded OTT service, FloorballTV (official name in Finnish: SalibandyTV). Its goals were clear and simple: to enable clubs to easily stream their games and monetize them, for the sport to have a single place for all video content, and for that place to be easily discoverable.  

The heart of the matter is that we genuinely are doing this for the Finnish floorball community and for the floorball clubs. The federation and a few stakeholders will invest in this, and when a club streams a game on FloorballTV 80-90 percent of the ticket sale revenue is automatically returned directly to the club. Such high revenue return percentages have not been reached before. In this way, clubs will have an excellent way to generate revenue for their activities, Mr. Jussi Ojala, the communications director of the Finnish Floorball Federation, explained. 

After the first six months it’s quite clear that FloorballTV is a resounding success. Hundreds of registered clubs, thousands of streamed games, tens of thousands of registered users and happy viewers. The revenues have also exceeded all the floorball clubs’ expectations. 

What, then, made the launch so successful? A number of things: 

  • The content is easily discoverable, and thus viewers have found it. 
  • It’s widely accepted by the floorball community; it is, after all, from the players to the players. 
  • The clubs and the federation have been actively promoting it as “our own media”. It’s also providing good sponsorship placements for the federation via display and video advertising. 
  • The streaming of games is very easy with a purpose built mobile application included in the service, which has led the clubs to actively stream their games. 
  • Paid games bring income to everyone from Division I to the “grassroots” junior leagues – with the clubs getting most of the revenue. 

The community has embraced FloorballTV with great enthusiasm and will likely keep on that path. 

The future roadmap for the Floorball TV service will add various features like scoreboards, integration to statistics services, subscription services in addition to pay-per-view, tournaments and using AI based automatic cameras. 

Finnish Floorball Federation was founded on September 23, 1985. The floorball federation is a nationwide sports organization whose purpose is to promote, supervise and guide the hobby and development of floorball in Finland. Floorball is the third most popular sport in Finland after football and ice hockey, according to registered players (over 65,000 license players) at the moment. The Finnish Floorball Federation has about 800 member clubs. It is a founding member of the International Floorball Federation (IFF). Floorball is played in 80 countries and the International Floorball Federation  has 75 member countries from all inhabited continents. The IFF has ranked 46 countries in the men’s series and 40 countries in the women’s series. 

More information: https://salibandy.fi/ and https://salibandy.tv/

Icareus Ltd is an online video cloud and broadcast TV specialist founded in 2001 and having offices in Finland and Spain. Icareus provides video cloud solutions and trusted broadcast TV platforms, and our solutions are enjoyed by millions of consumers via our broadcaster, operator, OTT and OVP customers in over 60 countries.  Combining online and broadcast has been the core of our activities over almost two decades. We’ve been making the change from linear TV to today’s multi-screen experience. 

More information: https://www.icareus.com  

Icareus Sports OTT is a turnkey white-label video cloud solution for sports of all kinds, team or individual, from floorball and football to tennis and martial arts. It offers versatile tools for the production, management, publication and (optionally) commercialization of sports videos and events. Both professional leagues and “grass roots” non-professional sports clubs can make use of this solution. 

More information: https://icareus.com/solutions-for-customer-groups/sports/ 


In the picture: Mr Toni Leiponen, CEO and Mr Mikko Karppinen Development Director from Icareus, Mr Pekka Ilmivalta, Executive Director and Mr Jussi Ojala Communication Director of the Finnish Floorball Association. 

Helsinki, 23.5.2022, The life of floorball fans has never been as great as will be the following years as Finnish floorball association will launch a new FloorballTV and the F-League will be available on Sanoma’s Ruutu service until 2028. FloorballTV brings together all the other broadcasts of Finnish floorball.

Kimmo Nurminen F-Liiga

Helsinki, 09.12.2021, The Finnish floorball league F-Liiga has released a new paid video service for international F-Liiga fans. The technology platform for F-Liiga TV is the Icareus Suite video cloud service.


Helsinki, 04.02.2021, Icareus has delivered a renewed Helsinki Channel service to the City of Helsinki. The Helsinki Channel is the city’s video communication channel and offers important and current content to the city’s residents. The technology platform of the Helsinki channel is the Icareus Suite video cloud service.

Kirjastokino Library Cinema

Helsinki, 28.05.2020, Icareus Suite Online Video & TV cloud was selected for the national libraries’ subscription VOD service launched by Nordic Content Distribution in October 2019. The service, Kirjastokino, is being offered by over 100 municipalities in Finland, covering more than 2 million Finns.


Helsinki, 28.8.2019, Icareus has delivered its OTT cloud solution for IP Sweden, a Swedish TV services provider. IP Sweden launched the new TV service in July 2019 in Sweden and in August 2019 in Spain.

TVEkstra and Icareus join forces to offer addressable TV in Turkey

Helsinki, 28.8.2019, TVEkstra, the leading Addressable TV Agency in Turkey, announced a partnership with Icareus to offer Addressable TV Advertising for Turkish TV networks. TVEkstra will use Icareus Addressable TV solution to run campaings to HbbTV enabled SmartTVs.

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Helsinki, 15.2.2018, Icareus has delivered a turnkey HbbTV solution to Emitel, the national terrestrial TV network operator in Poland. With the new Icareus system Emitel is start the HbbTV service offering for TV viewers in Poland.

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