FloorballTV, a new era in sports streaming – Finnish Floorball Association launches its own branded video service

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In the picture: Mr Toni Leiponen, CEO and Mr Mikko Karppinen Development Director from Icareus, Mr Pekka Ilmivalta, Executive Director and Mr Jussi Ojala Communication Director of the Finnish Floorball Association. 

Helsinki, 23.5.2022, The life of floorball fans has never been as great as will be the following years as Finnish floorball association will launch a new FloorballTV and the F-League will be available on Sanoma’s Ruutu service until 2028. FloorballTV brings together all the other broadcasts of Finnish floorball.

FloorballTV (Official name in Finnish SalibandyTV) is the floorball association’s own OTT video service and will be launched in August-September 2022. The floorball association has agreed to build the service with the Icareus Ltd. The cooperation is multi-year.

FloorballTV has three clear goals:

  1. To serve the needs of clubs as well as possible
  2. All Finnish floorball to be in the same service
  3. To be an user-friendly and reliable service

On FloorballTV, clubs can broadcast their games, both paid and free. FloorballTV’s offer includes all matches under the Floorball Association, except for the F-League. In the future, fans can watch matches from the smallest juniors to the women’s and men’s 1st division, as well as from the Junior’s “NATIONAL TEAM PATH” (In Finnish “MAAJOUKKUTIE”) matches to the Finnish national team’s matches. The clubs are responsible for the productions themselves. It will be free-of-charge for the clubs to broadcast their games via FloorballTV.

– We have been running and reflecting on this for a long time, conducting an extensive survey on broadcasting issues for clubs, researching the market and interviewing various stakeholders. The three years of Solidsport’s journey taught me a lot and I want to pass on thanks to them for their cooperation. Gradually, it started to seem that a completely own service is possible and would be the best solution, and when we got support for our idea, e.g. from the federal government and other stakeholders, and the pieces fell into place with Icareus as well. So, here’s the result: in the autumn we have FloorballTV, Mr Jussi Ojala, communications director of the Finnish Floorball Association, explains and continues:

– The heart of the matter is that we genuinely are doing this for the Finnish floorball community and for the floorball clubs. The federation and a few stakeholders will invest in this, and when a club streams a game on FloorballTV 80-90 percent of the ticket sale revenue is automatically returned directly to the club. Such high revenue return percentages have not been reached before. In this way, clubs will have an excellent way to generate revenue for their activities.

FloorballTV is under development. The platform will be implemented by Icareus Ltd, to which the association has already built a connection with F-LiigaTV, which is targeted for International fans of Finnish floorball league, F-Liiga. Icareus is a pioneer of online videos founded in 2001 in Finland. Icareus references include both small and large corporate clients who are event organizers, companies, public administrators, associations, content owners, TV channels, operators and media houses.

We are extremely enthusiastic about the project – both personally as a sports person and from the perspective of our company, comments Icareus Oy’s CEO Mr Toni Leiponen, who, like Icareus’ Development Director Mr Mikko Karppinen, has a long background in sports – The best thing about this is that we get to do this to such a wide audience. Thousands of matches are streamed every year and there are a wide variety of users, of course it has its challenges, and it is also a huge opportunity. Almost all games come from some media today – it’s a great thing to have everything in one service, Mikko Karppinen adds.

From the season 2022-2023, commercial broadcasts of all the official matches under the association must be made on FloorballTV.

It is still allowed to broadcast matches free of charge, for example, on the club’s YouTube channel. However, the best benefit of FloorballTV comes from concentrating all the broadcasts in one place. The effectiveness of the sport is taken to a new level and clubs also benefit more.

– We have already been able to present the service to several clubs, potential partners and the floorball association’s council – the feedback has been extremely encouraging and positive without exception. I am pleased that our media solutions are now clear and in a good model for a long time, comments Mr Pekka Ilmivalta, Executive Director of the Floorball Association.

More information and contacts:

Mr Jussi Ojala

Communication Director
Finnish Floorball Association
Phone: +358-40 777 4831
Email: jussi.ojala[at]salibandy.fi


Ms. Jessica Glad

Marketing and communication
Icareus Ltd
Email: jessica.glad[at]icareus.com
Puhelin: +358 (0)9 2289 0801

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Finnish Floorball Association was founded on September 23, 1985. The floorball association is a nationwide sports organization whose purpose is to promote, supervise and guide the hobby and development of floorball in Finland. Floorball is the third most popular sport in Finland after football and ice hockey, according to registered players (over 65,000 license players) at the moment. The floorball association has about 800 member clubs. The Floorball Association is a founding member of the International Floorball Association (IFF). Floorball is played in 80 countries and the International Floorball Federation (IFF) has 75 member countries from all inhabited continents. The IFF has ranked 46 countries in the men’s series and 40 countries in the women’s series.

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