Icareus delivers a complete OTT cloud solution to IP Sweden’s new multi-tenant TV service

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Helsinki, 28.8.2019, Icareus has delivered its OTT cloud solution for IP Sweden, a Swedish TV services provider. IP Sweden launched the new TV service in July 2019 in Sweden and in August 2019 in Spain.

IP Sweden is a triple play service provider, established in 2007 and operating from Gothenburg, Sweden. IP Sweden provides television, broadband connectivity and telephone services to consumers and condominiums.

So far IP Sweden’s television offering has been based on a traditional managed network IPTV solution, limiting IP Sweden to offer service in only twenty regions in Sweden. However, IP Sweden wanted to offer a better TV service to a wider customer base across Sweden and to other future markets without regional limitations and therefore selected Icareus OTT solution for the next TV generation platform.

Icareus OTT cloud solution offered an extremely versatile feature set with easy and economical service launch and operations. In addition, Icareus’ flexibility and customer-oriented approach to provide consultation and turnkey services with customized user interfaces and system integration with 3rd party platforms played a key role and made it easy for us to select Icareus to deliver our new platform.”, tells Mr Henrik Asp, Managing Director of IP Sweden.

With the new OTT service, IP Sweden can now offer TV service across Sweden and also to more than 100.000 Swedish citizens living in Spain.

Icareus OTT cloud solution is used to manage IP Sweden’s channels, content packages, subscribers, devices and OTT applications. The new TV service includes approximately 120 premium local and international TV channels, to start with. Subscribers can select from an assortment of content packages from pre-selected channels packages for e.g. film or sports or based to nationality, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Russian. Additionally, an “pick-and-choose” -package is offered, whereby subscribers can select the channels freely.

Icareus OTT solution offers IP Sweden a multi-tenant environment, which allows IP Sweden to work with local distributors and virtual TV operators. Virtual TV operators can offer IP Sweden’s OTT service with their own brand, creating a win-win business scenario without extra infrastructure or content rights investments.

Icareus’ Managing Director Mr. Toni Leiponen says: “We at Icareus feel that our culture and way of working match well with IP Sweden – both organizations are innovative, flexible and work hard to offer the best services and solutions to our customers. We look forward to the work with IP Sweden and grow the new TV service together!

With Icareus OTT cloud solution TV operators, broadcasters and content owners can achieve a fast-to-market, positively distinctive and competitive OTT and online service. Icareus professional services can be used to build custom solutions.

Icareus OTT solution is based on Icareus Suite Online Video and TV Cloud, which was introduced to take the next step from broadcast to Hybrid TV, OTT and online video services. It is a complete cloud service to manage videos, channels, content packages, subscribers, devices and OTT and hybrid TV applications.

Icareus Suite Online Video and TV Cloud’s feature set is configured based on customer’s requirements, offering end-user experience in virtually any platform from IP set-top boxes, HbbTVs and SmartTVs, to desktop, tablets and mobiles. Features include functionalities like  Live TV, Catch-up TV, EPG, Favourites, Social media integration and multi-language interfaces, just to name the core ones.

Icareus Suite Online Video and TV Cloud provides a high quality, scalable and robust cloud service even for global need. It is used in over ten countries and serves over ten million unique SmartTVs on monthly basis.

More info: http://www.icareus.com/ott/ and http://www.icareus.com/online-video-and-tv-platform/

IP Sweden (International Programming Sweden AB) is a relatively young company from Gothenburg, Sweden, with management having a long experience from the industry. IP Sweden provides television, internet telephone services to consumers and condominiums in Sweden and Spain. Company grows year by year based on competitive prices and attractive services that are appreciated by their customers. More info: https://www.ipsweden.se/

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