Icareus’ End-to-End HbbTV Platform to leading terrestrial operator Emitel

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Helsinki, 15.2.2018, Icareus has delivered a turnkey HbbTV solution to Emitel, the national terrestrial TV network operator in Poland. With the new Icareus system Emitel is start the HbbTV service offering for TV viewers in Poland.

The delivered turnkey HbbTV (www.hbbtv.org) solution enable Emitel to offer their broadcaster customers HbbTV services and applications as a cloud service. For broadcasters it offers a versatile, fast and reliable HbbTV deployment.

Icareus HbbTV solution was selected as it offer Emitel an economical, production tested and feature rich platform to provide HbbTV services to its customers. For operations it provides easy-to-use user interface and tools to customise the services for each of Emitel’s customers without software development, making service expansion hassle free.

The delivered solution consists of Icareus Playout CS100 broadcast head-end for HbbTV streaming, Icareus Suite for HbbTV service management, online streaming servers and an assortment of HbbTV services.

Icareus Suite, Online Video and TV Platform, is a complete solution targeted for broadcasters and network operators to manage their hybrid and OTT services. Icareus Suite was installed on-site for Emitel to offer HbbTV as a cloud services to their customers.

Icareus Suite provides easy-to-use web interface to manage and customise HbbTV services, including Addressable TV advertising. Application templates can be quickly adopted to any TV channel brand and look-and-feel without any programming, making it optimal for service providers.

The modules included to Emitel delivery include e.g. HbbTV Application, VOD and Catch-up TV, Device, Channel and EPG management. Additional modules like pay TV provisioning, subscriber, and account management can be added at later stage. The advanced audience monitoring module offer insight on how viewers use HbbTV applications.

Icareus Suite was integrated with Wowza Media Server to provide Live and On-Demand streaming.

Icareus Playout Carousel offers Trusted Broadcast Technology enjoyed by leading broadcasters and operators globally for over a decade. Icareus’ Playout CS100 Carousel™ is the solution for TV operators and broadcasters for DVB interactive datacasting services. Icareus’ Playout CS100 Carousel Server allows the building and supervision of high quality value-added television services by multiplexing data in real-time. Icareus’ Playout CS100 Carousel server supports HbbTV and other interactive TV standard based applications.

HbbTV services and applications delivered to Emitel include:

  • Launcher application, which is autostarted on all channels and takes control of desired buttons (color buttons mainly). Each button can be assigned a scheduled action. Includes support for Addressable TV formats like SwitchIn, ActiveAd and VideoSwap.
  • Application portal offering a visible entry-point to all HbbTV services
  • Enhanced EPG application showing both broadcast and broadband channel EPG and edited recommendations for TV programs
  • Linear Broadband channels service providing an opportunity to have niche TV and Radio channels over IP to HbbTVs.
  • News service providing the latest Polish news from RSS sources.
  • Weather…well you know what is a weather application.

Emitel is the leading terrestrial radio and TV broadcast infrastructure operator in Poland. Services provided by us are divided into four groups: radio, TV, communications, infrastructure leasing. Emitel services are characterized by the highest quality, innovative solutions, and the newest technologies. Emitel is a country leader in digital radio and TV and development of services based on the state-of-the-art wireless systems. EmiTel provides distribution and contribution services of Television signals. As a technical operator of digital terrestrial television network we provide broadcasting services covering Poland by DVB-T signal (MUX-1, MUX-2 and MUX-3). Emitel manages several hundreds network sites. In addition, Emitel offer include also infrastructure leasing, designing and installation of radio diffusion and radio communications systems with related technical consulting, as well as leasing infrastructure to broadcasters and operators. For more information visit: http://www.emitel.pl/

DTS Digital Transmission System Lubinski Sp.J.(DTS) is one of the leading system integrator companies operating in Poland. DTS provides broadcast system design, distribution and integration services for TV operators and broadcasters. For more information visit: http://dts.waw.pl/

More Information on Icareus’ products and solutions delivered to Emitel:

Icareus Playout HbbTV Carousel: http://www.icareus.com/icareus-playout/#cs
Icareus Suite Online Video and TV platform : http://www.icareus.com/online-video-platform/
Icareus HbbTV: http://www.icareus.com/solutions/
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