Icareus TV Everywhere solution to AlfaTV

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Helsinki, 15.2.2018, Alfa TV, a growing TV channel in Finland has taken the Icareus TV Everywhere solution in use as a cloud service.

Icareus’ solution provides AlfaTV an opportunity to manage and distribute its TV programs and other video content online. The service is operated by Digita, the national Finnish digital TV network operator. AlfaTV is a free-to-air TV channel seen in different TV networks in Finland, available in cable, IPTV and terrestrial TV networks.

Icareus’ partner company Digita, which is also the national TV network operator, has delivered Icareus TV Everywhere solution to AlfaTV to manage AlfaTV’s online video presence. The delivery includes Icareus TV Everywhere solution based in Icareus Suite Online Video and TV Platform (OVTP) from cloud environment, CDN (content delivery network) service to distribute the content and Icareus’ template based responsive web UI, video players and HbbTV SmartTV service for content presentation called “Permanto”.

For AlfaTV Icareus TV Everywhere provides a robust content platform including efficient tools for uploading the video content to cloud, automatic transcoding the video files to wanted presets, versatile options to manage the content and its metadata as well as then distributing it in best possible quality. This scaling platform to meets the needs of small or large audiences.

Director of Icareus Mr Mikko Karppinen comments the deal “Icareus has a long experience for being a trusted technology partner for TV channels and broadcasters. AlfaTV is a growing TV channel in Finland and we are extremely glad to start co-operation with them.

Icareus TV Everywhere solution: Icareus helps TV broadcasters and channels to reach their TV audience at anytime and anywhere with Icareus TV Everywhere solution. Icareus TV Everywhere solution includes service Icareus Suite service management platform and TV applications to almost on any device that broadcaster and TV channel can utilize: HbbTVs, SmartTVs, desktop environments, tablets and mobiles. Feature set is configures based on needs and can be e.g. Live TV, Catch-up TV, EPG, Favorites, Social media and multi-language interfaces, just to name the core ones.

By using Icareus TV Everywhere app templates you can achieve a fast-to-market, positively distinctive and competitive deployment. For those who require that “little extra” we offer our professional services to build custom solutions. http://www.icareus.com/solutions

AlfaTV is free-to-air TV channel ran by Finnish company Brilliance Communications Oy. The channel was launched in December 2013 and it is a commercial generalist TV channel that broadcasts movies, entertainment, culture, actual and theme programs. The channel can be seen on cable, IPTV and terrestrial TV networks in Finland. For more information, visit (only in Finnish): http://alfatv.fi/ or http://www.permanto.fi/.

Digita broadcasts radio and TV programmes reliably to all of Finland, every day of the year. Applying cutting-edge digital technology, Digita also develops and supplies versatile Internet TV and radio services along with services based on its comprehensive network infrastructure. Digita’s clients are media houses and mobile and broadband operators that provide the very best contents. Digita employs approximately 200 professionals. For more information visit: http://www.digita.fi/in_english

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