Finding a flexible and versatile online video solution for a enterprise might be challenging, but luckily there is one:

Icareus Enterprise Video is targeted for enterprises to enhance and accelerate their business with online videos

Icareus Enterprise Video provides the easiness of the cloud service combined with the flexibility of customized solution.

Video portals for corporate and partner training and content distribution

One of the most common use cases of video in enterprises and other organizations is to use the video for employee training and new employee familiarization. Have your own video training portal quickly and economically with Icareus Enterprise Video.

Train and engage your own employees and business partners around the world through knowledge video hubs. Implement better customer service and support and increase sales through higher product knowledge among your employees with internal training videos.

Increase your revenue from more efficient product launches and integration projects, and improved sales skills through external product and training videos for channel and integration partners. Measure and analyse the video views and effectiveness of your training hubs.

You can also integrate the platform with your own Learning Management System (LMS) like Moodle.

Live video event even globally

Live -events are interesting for people no matter, if they are for corporate quarterly reports, sports events or pop concerts. Icareus Enterprise Video allows webcasting events are not limited to the number of viewers. We use global content distribution networks (CDN) to provide highest quality stream distribution even globally.

With the Icareus Enterprise video player, that can be customized based on your own brand, you can have the event directly on your own web site and collect the contacts and leads directly and provide additional info without loosing them to some social media or similar services. You can also have your own video portal site where you can publish recordings and other videos from the event.

If you distribute the premium video material, Icareus Enterprise Video provides premium tools to monetize your content through pay walls or advertisements.

Webinars bring Brand value, Credibility and Sales

Webinars are extremely popular nowadays and not without a reason. With webinars, your professional organization can get more brand value; arranging training events, you will gain more credibility; and presenting your solutions, you will generate more sales.

There can be from few to thousands of participants, watching the stream and optionally following the synchronized slides with the live situation. Event can even be interactive through Twitter or other message boards.

Record the events, trim and highlight the videos easily and quickly in Icareus cloud before publishing on same address, your own video portals, social media or other channels – fast and centralized.
If wanted, include registration, login, payment or ads to Live- and/or afterward video library to control or even monetize your high quality event.

Reach the masses from Social Media

Already at the end of 2015 Facebook announced that they have 8 billion video views daily and video bypassed other forms of advertising in social media. Do you want to be part of the social media or out of it? Icareus Enterprise Video supports own branded video players and video portals on own company’s web, intranet and extranet sites, but the can also be published centralized and controlled on a wanted moment to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media networks.

Viewers can share the videos from the video player on their own social media feed, but also the Icareus Enterprise Video administrators can publish the videos and teasers from Icareus cloud to to corporate’s own social media pages on a wanted moment and generate traffic e.g. to company’s web pages to watch the full video. After that the viewers can be transformed to sales leads with call-to-action video tools and collect the own viewer analytics.

In addition the administrator easily arrange a Live Simulcast event with Icareus Enterprise Video to company website, YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

Enterprise Video Call-to-action

Generate leads by utilizing the emotions evoked by the videos

Videos make impressions and evokes feelings in the people, which makes people more interested to take the first step and contact the service provider.

Icareus helps you to boost your marketing and sales actions and to collect new leads through video player forms, where form is shown on top of the video player after the video has ended.

In addition Icareus Enterprise Video analytics provides more data that from where the video has been watched and when. It is possible to integrate Icareus platform with your CRM –solution, when your leads are directly immediately to your CRM system.

“We are extremely satisfied for finding Icareus Enterprise Video service, that could meet our specific requirements. We have only utilized a part of video cloud feature sets, but we are planning to widen the use of it.

Mr Antti Rehtijärvi
Mr Antti RehtijärviTechnical Director, Helsinki City Theatre //

“We value Icareus for the great service and on the befalf of AlfaTV we would like to thank everybody involved to our online service”.

Waldis Paeglis
Waldis PaeglisOnline content manager at AlfaTV (National TV channel in Finland)

Generate attention with Big Screen Corporate TV and Info Channels

Communicating on big screen on the public places of your organization will make the impression. nternal and external communication is effective through big screens as people tend to look on moving video image by nature no matter where they are located.

If your TV location is used by your customers, you probably want to show advertisements your products or services. Easy to use streaming box doesn’t get stuck, and allows providing Live streams, which is not supported by normal Digital Signage device. In addition to internet streaming box and TV, all the content can be viewed alternatively from complementing PC, mobile or tablet .

You can run your own playlist channels, live-streams, TV-channels or let the user select video.With Icareus Enterprise Video solution you can easily build your own playlist channel from your own video clips.

If you have multiple seminar locations or an event center, where you can even fixed IP-cameras that streams to different channels constantly. Just by changing channel, you can see what is happening in each hall.

Monetizing the Videos and Events through Ads and Payments

Having the video-on-demand platform or arranging the premium chargeable events, have never been this easy. Monetization opportunities with Icareus Enterprise Video solution are versatile.

Content packaging supports e.g. TVOD (transaction), SVOD (subscription), Pay TV channels, so that your customer can pay for single event or order a monthly subscription service. Icareus’ platform provides built-in support with credit/debit card payments, PayPal and pre-paid cards / vouchers or we can use integrations with 3rd party CRM and invoicing system like CRM.COM.

Alternatively or additionally the monetization can be done through advertising revenue in all of its forms including display pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll videos. Icareus Enterprise Video support using your own or your partner’s ads videos uploaded to the service as well as utilizing the ad video videonetwork through VAST and VPAID interfaces.

Value of Icareus Enterprise Video

  1. Reach Business decision makers and consumers online and in social media – online video consumption grows quickly in all the age groups. Icareus Enterprise Video gives you the online video visibility easily and effectively on web sites as well as in social media.
  2. Have an influence – Researches tell that your message 6 times more effective as video than as textual content and people makes decision after seeing videos.
  3. Market and increase your sales – Studies tell clearly that videos helps both business decision makers and consumer more likely to make a positive purchase decision. Even 74% of the B2B C-level people were watching business related videos weekly and 3/4 of the consumers bought more probably, if they were able to see the product related video first. Icareus Enterprise Video provides unique call-to-action video features and integration APIs to increase your inbound sales by turning interest to leads.
  4. Advertise your products or serve your partners – video advertising is now easier than ever before. With Icareus Enterprise Video you can easily add your own or your partner’s videos as pre-roll ads to other video content or to webinars.
  5.  Better knowledge with training – Improve quality and efficiency and reach cost savings with internal video training and knowledge video hubs. Increase the power of your sales channels with partner training video portals.
  6. Effective communication –  Improve quality and quantity of your internal and external communication. Researches tell that even 93% of the internal communication teams see video as important tool for their work.
  7. Sales and ecology through Webinars – Webinars are an effective way to show your knowledge and expertise and generate more sales. Webinar organizer will also save time and costs when there is no need to reserve or organize the event venue. Webinar itself also saves a lot of energy and environment when there is no need to travel a certain physical location.
  8. High ROI quickly – Icareus Enterprise Video is one of the most versatile video service in the world and it can help your organization and business in multiple different ways. On the other hand as cloud service, it does not require high investments and the service is based on consumption – not for the number of users. You can pay for the service even on monthly bases, meaning that the revenue of your investment can come already in month or two.

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