Icareus Enterprise Video is targeted to enhance and accelerate the business with online videos

Icareus Enterprise Video is a video cloud service that offers companies new opportunities to improve sales, brand awareness, train their own employees and sales channels around the world, and communicate quickly and effectively throughout the organization with online video.

Icareus Enterprise Video helps your organization enter the video era – an era where 90% of internet traffic is made up of video and over 80% of the world’s people are constantly watching videos online. Everything happens through a single, centralized, shared, secure and reliable cloud environment, aided by high quality support services. And of course, all video services are branded according to your organization or brand.

Icareus Enterprise Video Solution

Icareus Enterprise Video customers

An example case of using Icareus Enterprise Video for corporate communication:

Banco Mediolanum produces a lot of internal communication videos such as daily market analysis and needed a reliable and secure online video platform for video management and distribution.

Benefits of Icareus Enterprise Video service

Icareus Enterprise Video service offers numerous benefits to your organization, partners and customers:

Influence and increase brand value

According to researches, video delivers your message 6 times more efficiently than text or image. Online videos make it easy to leverage the expertise and expertise found in your organization to position yourself and your company at the top of the industry and raise the value of your brand - seeing is believing!

Reach business decision makers and consumer on Internet and social media

Watching online videos is growing exponentially in all age, consumer and target groups. Icareus Enterprise Video makes video viewing easy and efficient.

Market and grow your sales

Even 74% of B2B executives watched work-related videos on a weekly basis and ¾ consumers were more likely to buy if they first saw the product video. Icareus Enterprise Video offers call-to-action video capabilities and integration capabilities to enhance inbound sales.

Better knowledge with training

Improve quality and achieve cost-effectiveness with in-house webinar training or video expertise portals. Also streamline your channel sales with partner training efficiently and effortlessly, saving time and travel costs.

Effective communication

Improve quality and quantity of your internal and external communication. Researches tell that even 93% of the internal communication teams see video as important tool for their work.

More sales via webinars

Webinars are an effective way to highlight your own knowledge and expertise and thus the prospect's commitment to the company. With the tools of the webinar, the sales team can collect new leads, for example through registration or chat. Researches tell that webinar leads are high quality.

Larger audience for a greener event

With a webinar event, you reach more people than with events tied to a physical location. In addition, the organizer also saves time and costs when there is no need to book and organize a venue. The webinar has a much smaller carbon footprint than a physical event.

High ROI fast

Icareus Enterprise Video is one of the most versatile video solutions in the world that can help your organization to improve business in many different areas. We do not require an initial investment, the service fee is based on usage, not the number of users and you can pay for the service even on a monthly basis, meaning that your investment can pay for itself in as little as a month or two

According to Forbes, B2B executives favor video to support their decision-making:

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Watched work related videos weekly
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Visited company website after watching the video
0 %
Started searching for further information
0 %
Made a business decision
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Called the company

Icareus Enterprise Video offers the ease of a cloud service combined with the flexibility of a customized system.

Choose the features and benefits you want for your business or organization:

Video portals for training and orientation effectiveness

The most common and effective use case of videos in companies and other organizations are training and orientation. With in-house training videos, you can improve the skills, commitment, and productivity of your employees.

External training videos accelerate the expertise of your sales channel or integration partners, which increases your sales, speeds up product launches globally, and facilitates product delivery and integration projects.

After recruiting new employees, part of the orientation can also be done with the help of videos that speed up a person’s access to work inside and free up old resources for productive work.

Icareus Enterprise Video Digita portaali

With webcasting and live streaming events, you reach your audience globally

Live streaming events interests people, be it a company announcement, a sporting event or a concert.

Icareus Suite enables live streaming for even large audiences. We use global content distribution networks to guarantee reliable distribution worldwide.

Thanks to our video player, you can embed the stream either on your own homepage or create your own video site, where you can also import recordings and other video clips from the event.

If you distribute premium content, we offer a variety of tools to commercialize your content.

Webinars add value, credibility and sales to the brand

Webinars are incredibly popular today. Webinars help your brand add value, train you to gain credibility, and present your solution to the public as you fill your sales pipeline.

Easily host popular online webinars, announcements, and other Live events even globally. Optionally login, synced slides, Interactivity in the form of Twitter or message board. For post-viewing, you can automatically save the event, trim and trim videos directly in the cloud, and publish the videos.

Icareus Organizing a webinar is really easy – you can create a new event in just 1 minute!

Icareus Webinar Nokia
live streamaus Simulcast Facebook YouTube

Gather attention and web visitors from social media

If part of your audience is for example on Facebook or Youtube,  you can easily share the live stream of your event on these services as well, while also distributing it to your own branded video pages.

Icareus Enterprise Video management users can publish desired videos at the desired time centrally from one place to the company’s own social media channels with native upload or sharing content to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, as well as track their conversions and engagement and gather as many visitors as possible on their own web services.

Take advantage of the emotions evoked by video as sales leads with CTA tools

Videos impress people and evoke emotions, after which the person is more interested in taking the first step – contacting the service provider.

Icareus helps you to streamline your marketing and sales efforts and gather new leads through a variety of Call-to-Action (CTA) tools, such as display ads or video forms, which you can attach a form to a video either before or after.

Icareus Analytics provides data on where your videos were viewed and when. You can also integrate Icareus Suite with your CRM system, so leads are directed directly to your own system to process further.

Enterprise Video Call-to-action
Enterprise video display pre-roll ads

Advertise, market, activate and leverage partners

If your target audience is broad, then you may be interested in taking full advantage of your own content – with your own ads. Icareus Enterprise Video supports various ads formats.

Show your ads on your on-demand, live, or webinar content, or monetize your sponsored or affiliate ads. In-stream pre-, mid-, or post-roll video ads are the most popular. Display ads can easily take advantage of the viewer’s interest in learning more, whether it’s about the city sharing more information about events or decisions or selling tickets in connection with a promotional video.

Icareus Video Cloud provides tools to make add your own ads (creatives) and create campaigns. And of course, you can also track analytics impressions and CTR and report results.

Paid webinars, live streams and other content

Organizing video-on-demand services or paid Live events has never been so easy.

Thanks to our payment integrations, your viewers can pay for a single video or event as well as subscribe to your video service for a monthly fee. We offer both credit card and bank payments, internationally.

You can also distribute Voucher IDs to your target audience or request registration to access content or earn by displaying your own pre-roll video ads with your videos, or by taking advantage of Icareus ’built-in integrations with video ad services.

Suite TV Everywhere Monetize Package Credit Ads
video players videosoittimet

Easy configuration to look exactly like your company's brand

We no longer live in the 90s and online brands today do not have to advertise for free, for example, corporate products and brands on their own websites.

All video players, webinar views, and the appearance of video portals in Icareus Enterprise Video can be configured by the customer themselves in just a few minutes to look like their own brand.

In addition, all user interfaces are responsive, ie they work on all terminals, and they can be embedded in your own home pages.

Exellent analytics

Analytics allows you to analyze both the viewing of videos and the success of your live event and track how its recording is viewed. Our real-time reporting shows you how new viewers are joining the broadcast and where they leave to watch, so you know exactly what content interests your audience!

Our analytics also show Ad Impressions, CTRs, Engagements, and Conversions. You can also integrate your own analytics tools into our services.

Icareus Suite Analytics

Integrations with the company's own and third-party systems bring added value

Icareus Suite Video Cloud provides open interfaces for integrations and Icareus staff is available to you for various integration projects.

You can also find more about our interfaces in our helpdesk https://heldesk.icareus.com

TVEverywhere Suite API

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World-class support services


You can choose the support package that suits you

We offer various support service packages up to 24/7 support.

You can also count on our help when you start using the Icareus Suite service. We strive to make your life as easy as possible

Our basic support includes e.g.

  1. Email, phone and online support and assistance with installations and configurations
  2. Agreed response times in problem situations
  3. Software updates and fixes
  4. Priority functionality requests


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