Maintain TVs and Set-top box upgrades centrally via broadcast network, flawlessly

Icareus Playout SSU Server is a widely deployed system to manage both Simple and Enhanced SSU profiles to adopt all software upgrade use-cases.

Icareus Playout CS200 and CS210 SSU OTA servers are targeted at DVB network operators. The over-the-air (OTA) software update server provides a central point for the broadcasting firmware upgrades to set-top boxes, TV sets or other devices.

Years of experience...

Icareus Playout EPG server has been in production since 2004 in 20 countries. It has over 50 active customers using it in business critical operations to drive their terrestrial, cable, or satellite networks. Our extensive partner network can offer local support in almost all parts of the world!

Icareus Playout SSU Server

Meet Icareus Playout customers

Testimonials from ERT, France24, OIV and TwoFour54

Trust and reliability with 100% uptime

All Icareus Playout processes have been optimised to meet the highest criteria and reliability requirements of broadcast systems.

The server provides all the means for signaling presence of firmware streams as well as multiplexing all the firmware streams together and performing necessary PID remapping.

Supported by the best vendors in broadcast industry – such as Imagine Communications, Ateme and Rohde&Swartz – Icareus Playout SSU server offers unparalleled production platform for our customers. 

SSU Server scales per business requirements

Icareus Playout SSU offers a possibility to start with e.g. an SSU Simple profile outputted via a single channel on a single SPTS. With an Enhanced profile, network operators can grow the system to thousands of channels with multiple unique transport stream outputs from a single server.

There are no limits to where your platform can grow!

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SSU Server that delivers!

SSU and over-the-air updates are critical to every operator, to ensure that the TVs and set-top boxes deliver the best possible user experience to their subscribers. At Icareus, we want to live up to the promise our customers make to their viewers.

The Icareus Playout EPG generator is a future proof PSI SI and EIT server to avoid any technology risk.

Simple and Enhanced SSU profiles

Icareus Playout supports both Simple and Enhanced profiles to optimise your bandwidth allocation.

In SSU Enhanced profile, a 2-layer data carousel is decoded, re-packetsized and re-signaled at the head-end. In this way, the bandwidth and PID resources can be shared amongst a number of set-top box manufacturers.

Delivery of proprietary software

In addition to standard end-user devices like TVs and set-top boxes, Icareus Playout can be used to update firmware of any devices connected to a broadcast network, such as contribution transcoders, re-multiplexes, ad-splicers…

Bandwidth optimisation and delivery customisation

To optimise the scarce resource that is network bandwidth, the server can also be run in ‘Opportunistic Data Insertion’ mode, thus only using surplus bandwidth.

Through the Playout Management Console (PMC), descriptors included in various tables and messages (NIT, PMT, PAT, DII, DSI) can be imported from the firmware input stream to the multiplexed output stream. Descriptors can also be inserted manually, providing you the full control on the output parametrisation.

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Detailed monitoring brings peace of mind

To ensure that your operational team can react whenever necessary, Icareus Playout EPG server offers SNMP traps, integrations to monitoring platforms, and APIs, to integrate directly to your Network management system. The extensive logging shows you exactly where the the issues are to be found. 

Expand your SSU generator server with other modules

Icareus Playout is a full broadcast management platform that offers a wide variety of features to expand your SSU/over-the-air update server with PSI/SI, EPG carousel server functionalities, HbbTV, OpenTV and datacasting.

We also offer a lab and test kit for developers.


World class services to support your team

Pick the SLA that fits your needs

Icareus offers different SLA levels from office hours to 24/7. You can also rely on our services to install, integrate, develop and train your personnel. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and ensures a fast and easy deployment.

Our standard SLA includes already

  1. Email, phone and online configuration and installation help
  2. Agreed response times for failover situations
  3. Software updates and bug-fixes
  4. Priority feature requests

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