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HbbTV Broadcaster services

ATV (also stylized aTV) is a Turkish free-to-air television national network that was launched in September 1993. ATV is an acronym of Actual Television (Aktüel Televizyonu). The current owner is Turkuvaz Media Group. Turkuvaz Media Group (TMG), Turkey’s second largest media group, operates in television and radio broadcasting, newspaper and magazine publication and printing.


TV Everywhere for broadcaster

AlfaTV is a Finnish commercial TV channel that started in 2012 with the name BC-TV and changed to AlfaTV in 2013. AlfaTV is owned by Brilliance Communications Oy, whose owners are private persons and not part of any large media company. The AlfaTV content includes movies, entertainment, culture, actuality and thematic programs.

Banco Mediolanum

Secure Online Video Communication

The Mediolanum banking group, to which the Banco Mediolanum (Spain) belongs, was born in 1982 with the aim of serving families through the care of their finances. It currently has more than 1,380,000 customers in Italy, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain.


Enterprise Webminars and Video Events

With over 400 employees in three countries, Bright is the leading Nordic provider of event, entertainment and experience services. Bright’s competent, knowledgeable and passionate staff combine decades of experience with new ideas to create exceptional experiences.

Capital AV

Making the event an audiovisual experience

All events were transferred online in the spring of 2020 almost “overnight,” and CapitalAV reacted quickly to the change. The solutions in use were not sufficient to meet customers’ workflow, quality and feature requirements. Capital AV started to use Icareus’s Event and Webinar solution that enables Capital AV to turn virtual events into experiences in line with its goals.


Future Lab

Video Academy for Customer Experience Consulting

Futurelab Finland is the leading customer experience (CX) consultant in Finland working with the biggest companies and public organizations in Finland.

Icareus Enterprise Video enabled Futurelab to build an integrated customer experience from free webinars to premium online courses with pay-per-view and subscription business models.


City of Helsinki

Online Video services for Citizens

Helsinki now has one single content hub for video for citizens, tourists, and personnel. It enables Helsinki to streamline its video communications and better use the power of video. Helsinki can also engage the younger audiences who prefer video, and all in all provide better service to their citizens.


Selling Video Content

Since 2012, Caprice Oy has been implementing the International Minifiddlers project, which is a distance education solution for violin studies. The Minifiddlers clients include music institutions, universities, teachers, musicians and broadcasting companies around the world.

Telecentras logo


National HbbTV portal between broadcasters and DTT Operator

JSC Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre (Telecentre) is a state-owned joint-stock company engaged in provision of radio and television programme transmission, TV broadcast transmission, data transmission, data centers, Internet and IPTV services throughout Lithuania.



OTT Video and Service Management for Horse Racing

Veikkaus is the Finnish government-owned betting agency which holds a monopoly in the country. It was formed in 2017 as a merger of three previously existing betting and gambling agencies of Veikkaus, Fintoto and Finland’s Slot Machine Association. 

Helsinki City Theater

Internal TV and Professional Events

Helsinki City Theater (HKT) is the largest professional theater in Finland. Its program includes performances by foreign and Finnish speakers, comedians, musicals, and productions and children’s performances by the Helsinki Dance Company, its own dance group, on five different stages and booths.


HbbTV Operator Service

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Let's Virtual

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IP Sweden

Multitenant OTT Service

IP Sweden provides television and internet telephone services to consumers and condominiums in Sweden and Spain. This company grows year by year thanks to its competitive prices and attractive services, very appreciated by their customers.


Lavis TV

Popular group exercise classes as a paid live streaming service

This case example shows how the Covid pandemic hit the wellness and sports industry, namely Lavis practionersn, and how Icareus helped turn problems into new business opportunities. We also explain why the Icareus Enterprise Video service was able to meet the service’s extensive list of requirements with e.g. its customized interfaces, but nonetheless, we only released the service in 2 weeks!

Tampereen Messut

Tampere Trade Fair

Domestic and international events for consumers and businesses

To reach the maximum audience for the networking event for the three day event, Tampere Trade Fairs relied on Icareus Enterprise Video Cloud. They launched not only a branded video portal that brought together live events and recordings, but also an IPTV user interface, through which the webcast  reached the people touring the exhibition halls.