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The largest medical association in Spain launched ICOMEM Media with Icareus Video Cloud to provide best available scientific information to doctors and citizens.

ICOMEM (El Ilustre Colegio de Medicos de Madrid), was established 1893 and is a center that accommodates professional, scientific, and cultural activities in Madrid. Thanks to its modern facilities it has become a go-to-venue for medical training.

ICOMEM is currently the largest medical association in Spain, with 42,697 members (of which 54% are women) in 2016. In order to be able to work as a doctor in the Madrid area, a person must be a member of ICOMEM.


ICOMEM Media was born in the middle of the pandemic. Its objective is to be a benchmark for the training of doctors in Madrid. It’s a meeting point for science and knowledge, an audiovisual platform that serves as a link for the exchange of medical knowledge. At ICOMEM Media, members and others in the medical industry with access to the platform can find content of interest and are able to share their experiences within the medical industry.

This content is now available on the ICOMEM Media platform and accessible to all those – collegiate or not – who want to enjoy top level scientific audiovisual knowledge, both live and on-demand.

The ICOMEM Media service has been implemented and is managed by the Icareus Enterprise video cloud service. Streaming videos and events have been imported from the Icareus video cloud using easy publishing tools to the ICOMEM website.

The product

The Challenge

As professional reference in the training of registered doctors, ICOMEM has proposed to provide training and scientific health information through dissemination programs on current issues of the medical profession on its ICOMEM Media website, live and on demand.

The video service had to provide easy tools for producing, editing, editing, and distributing live webinars and streaming videos in a branded video interface on their own websites.

“The main motivation for creating this space is to convey to members and society answers to their questions, based on the best available scientific evidence instead of personal opinions. We are going through exceptionally challenging times and uncertainty. It is a time that when, both medical professionals and general public, crave for certainty, and this is what ICOMEM wants to promote”

Dr Javier Martin
Dr. Martín-Sánchez
Vice Secretario, ICOMEM

The Solution

The Icareus Suite online TV and video platform allowed ICOMEM to create a content hub and space that is integrated into their website. It’s an online window to all that happens at the association’s premises, through free webinars, interviews of high intellectual value, as well as online training courses.

The easy management interfaces of the Icareus video cloud service allow all ICOMEM employees to create new branded events and to record, manage, edit and publish recordings, interviews and trainings.

The results

Through ICOMEM Media, all doctors have 24/7 access to all the audio visual content produced by ICOMEM. It allows them to easily find relevant and reliable scientific content and educate themselves when it suits them. ICOMEM Media, for the first time, gave its personnel a central and easy to use portal to publish all the interviews, courses, and scientific and health information of the medical association of Madrid. It allowed the personnel to concentrate on the content production and produce more content than ever, while improving the user experience for their members and stakeholders.

Furthermore, all the doctors and public can be sure that the content published on ICOMEM is based on best available scientific research and evidence instead of personal opinions, rumours and “fake news” available on social media.

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