All-in-one TV Everywhere solution

for TV channels and broadcasters wanting to reach viewers everywhere and every time

White label end-to-end TV Everywhere solution and service

for Broadcasters and TV channels

Icareus TV Everywhere provides cloud solution to build branded TV Everywhere service utilizing customer’s existing technology and solutions and to reach their TV viewers everywhere at everytime on every device.

Icareus’ TVE solution provide e.g. catch-up TV, re-start TV, TimeShifting or Live TV OTT services for the viewers both on Internet devices, but also on broadcast environment with HbbTV applications.

Monetizing the content can be done with with Icareus’ built-in advertising, subscription or transaction monetization tools and  business models. 

Meet our TV Everywhere customers

Icareus TV Everywhere devices
"We value Icareus and their TV Everywhere service highly and on the behalf of AlfaTV, I would like to thank everybody that are part of the service development and maintenence"

Icareus TV Everywhere approach:

Cloud service – Running from the global and robust cloud environment

TV Everywhere UX & Apps – Customisable TV Everywhere user experience and application templates for quick and economical deployment

Low CAPEX – no set-up costs!

OPEX service model – OPEX is based on your subscriber number or customer base

Open Platform – Using our web services APIs you can integrate to legacy systems and develop UX using 3rd parties and avoid lock-in

Win-win relationship – We want you to grow and succeed and we will support this in any possible way, because our success is dependable on your success

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Benefists of the high quality Icareus TV Everewhere solution

At Icareus we want to work at the front row, we believe that it is the best approach to deliver the best of breed products and services to our customers.

Icareus Off-the shelf TV Everywhere provides tested and convenient user experience to different kind of services in all the devices with millions of users and 10 years of experience. 

Easy, fast and economical to take into use and maintain

There are no big projects or costs to start using the Icareus TV Everywhere cloud service. As whole service from the cloud, automated updates are keeping the solution as the best quality all the time.

TVEverywhere fast set-up

Versatile Feature Set

Modular and versatile Icareus cloud platform allows the use based on customer’s needs either those are Live TV, catch-up TV, time-shift-TV, Re-start TV, VOD, free, advertisement based or premium paid service.

Optimized monetization


Icareus TV Everywhere offer multiple different monetization models including e.g. advertisements, subscription or transactions. 

The targeted Addressable TV advertising can be done with built-in Ads campaign and creatives tools or through 3rd party ad server or DSP.  

The integrated payment gateways support debit and credit card payments and PayPal as well Icareus platform has own  voucher tools.

Suite TV Everywhere Monetize Package Credit Ads
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Highly scalable and robust service with global reach

Icareus TV Everywhere solution runs on Amazon AWS’s scalable, both up and down, private cloud architecture environment enabling quick, automatic changes when needed. 

When adding the multi-CDN environment based on world leading CDN providers like CenturyLink and CloudFront to solution, we can offer the best quality content distribution and user experience for TV Everywhere.



Not just Internet - TV quality system

Although Icareus TV Everywhere connects end-devices mostly via Internet it is not just Internet – Icareus’ systems has been in TV broadcaster production use since 2004, our solutions meet the requirements of the TV world.

In addition to highest quality broadcaster proof server environment, we also provide real HbbTV user experience on big screen TV environment.

TV Everywhere quality

Integrate your Icareus TV Everywhere service with your existing and other 3rd party solutions


Icareus TV Everywhere system is based Icareus Suote Online Video and TV platform, which provides Open APIs for integrating the broadcaster’s service to existing / available solutions or to other 3rd party platforms e.g. CMS, CRM, EPG, DRM and billing providers or to existing client devices.

TVEverywhere Suite API

World class services to support your team


Pick the SLA that fits your needs

Icareus offers different SLA levels from office hours to 24/7. You can also rely on our services to install, integrate, develop and train your personnel. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and ensures a fast and easy deployment.

Our standard SLA includes already

  1. Email, phone and online configuration and installation help
  2. Agreed response times for failover situations
  3. Software updates and bug-fixes
  4. Priority feature requests

Downloads and Material

For additional material we have provided you the following documents for download

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