Icareus Video Cloud for Sports

For sports federations, leagues and professional sports clubs

Icareus Sports customers are professional sports organizations.

Have you dreamed of finding your events, games, their recordings and highlight videos conveniently in one place, regardless of series level? Your internal training videos and important communication content could also be in the same place. Icareus Video Cloud offers versatile tools for the production, management and publication of sports videos and events. With the help of video advertising and a paywall, the association, league, club or team can also make money.

In the Icareus Video Cloud, you produce, manage and publish both communication videos and events without technical know-how. Video players, pages, virtual events and portals that match your brand guarantee a consistent user experience for viewers, so your message gets across effectively.

Sports federations

By focalizing the matches or competition events of the leagues under the sports association into a shared video portal, you increase both the appreciation of the sport and the discoverability of the contents. With the video archive, on the other hand, you build history and sport culture. If you wish, paid events can bring income to the clubs. You can also offer partners an interesting product. Viewing data and customer information can be used for e.g. marketing. The video platform can also be used to produce, manage and publish communication videos, information sessions and training content.

Series and leagues

Top leagues and series can build their own media by offering matches and competitive events for a fee or for free. Your own branded video service increases the appreciation of the series and the discoverability of the contents, the video archive increasing the loyalty of the fans. Match-specific tickets or a monthly subscription bring new revenue to the league. The league receives data and customer information from the fan base for e.g. marketing. We also integrate with various match and result service systems.

Professional sports clubs

Video is important for professional sports clubs, as its significance to fans is constantly increasing. Your own game and video service can be the center of the website to which people return repeatedly, leading to deepening community loyalty. In addition to games and events, developing the skills of coaches and officials is also effective with protected videos. For partners, video brings new opportunities to maximize visibility.

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Customers of Icareus Video Cloud Sports

A turnkey video cloud solution for sports

Icareus Video Cloud offers solutions from start to finish – for content production, editing, management, publishing, aballization and optionally commercialization of educational, teaching and coaching videos and events.


Produce videos and match events easily on mobile, computer or camera. Simple. The only limit is creativity.


Easy management tools for matches, other events, recordings, highlights, users and subscribers, payments and content packs.


Publish and share your sports content globally and securely for viewing on any device with a high-quality user experience based on your own brand.


Monetize your content with versatile PPV (Pay-per-view), monthly subscription, team pass and ticket-based sales. Increase revenue with sponsorships, ads and campaign tools.


Analyze, develop, iterate. Accurate analytics on content viewing, advertisements and sales.

Produce live matches and video content easily

The Icareus Sports OTT solution helps both professional and grassroots teams to produce matches, even though the platform is independent of production tools. The most common ways to produce live matches:

  1. Professional leagues: Multi-camera production
  2. Junior and minor league teams and federations: single-camera productions or with the Icareus Broadcaster application, which can be used to film and stream matches from mobile or tablet devices
  3. The Icareus Sports OTT platform also has integration with the Pixellot AI camera system for automated match production.

Club and team management tools from the Icareus Video Cloud

Video service for the entire association, management rights can be included for clubs

The Icareus Sports OTT solution can be used both in professional leagues and in “grass roots” non-professional sports, such as junior sports or lower divisions.

In the lower leagues, an easy and cost-effective way to manage the sports broadcasts of the entire association is to let the clubs manage their own games and streaming videos.

The Icareus Sports OTT solution enables club registration and “club pages” in the association’s own sports video service.

Online management offers various tools for clubs, such as adding games, streaming, monetizing games and raising money for the club, recordings, user management, live and recorded video analytics, etc.

To facilitate official match streaming and management, Icareus can integrate with match management systems (such as Nodeon, Torneopal, etc.) via API interfaces.


Content distribution and presentation in a branded environment, globally

Your own media, your own customers, video content of all clubs, from the top teams to the grassroots level. Video continues to grow in importance and an online video service is a place fans and members will keep coming back to.

Share your own sports content as a first-class service, even worldwide. The Icareus Sports OTT service can be viewed on any device and all online services and applications are branded based on your sports brand.

Icareus Sports OTT uses global CDN networks (content distribution networks) and DRM (Digital Rights Management) to distribute and protect your sports content.


Monetization of content using a paywall and packaging

Pay-Per-View, monthly subscriptions, match tickets, team season tickets

Fans want to see their favorite sports anywhere.

Families of junior players want to see their children’s matches, even if they can’t be there.

Commercialize your own sports content with different business models. Individual purchases of Pay-per-view rights, monthly subscriptions, match tickets and team season tickets are just a few options.

The money can go to the service provider, association, league – or individual clubs and teams, who can earn income from their own matches. Icareus has ready-made payment solution integrations that cover the entire globe.

Commercialization of content with advertisements and partners

The best opportunities for advertisers to reach their target group

Video advertising is growing rapidly, and it is an advertising tool loved by all brands that offers both brand advertising and conversion opportunities.

Since the video service is your own media, it’s easy to advertise your sponsors and partners. The video portal also opens a new advertising selection that you can offer to other advertisers who want to reach your target group.

You also own all registered contacts and can do direct campaigns, such as email advertising and newsletters, to the entire fan base.

Use the built-in campaigning tools in the Icareus Video Cloud or rely on third-party ad network providers to generate programmatic demand for you and revenue from any advertiser who wants to target your ads to sports fans.

Pre-roll and mid-roll video ads
Display/banner ads

Analyze, develop, iterate

Good analytics is an important part of the development and maintenance of an OTT video service.

Analytics tools can be used to analyze content production, viewing and business such as content sales and advertising.

The Icareus Sports OTT solution provides all the necessary analytics for your service, including live matches, recorded and video views, users, average watch time, registered streamers, and end user information, purchases and advertisements.

Good analytics provides tools to analyze the service, continuously improve service quality and report to key stakeholders.

Marketing, communication and training tools for organizations

In addition to your own sports media, Icareus Video Cloud can be used to improve the communication, marketing and training activities of a federation, league or professional club.

Simplify and speed up the internal video process; have all videos and events in one place to produce, edit, subtitle, manage and publish content.

Enhance your company’s internal and external communication by extending viewing and increase effectiveness.

Step up your marketing communication with video services, advertisements and contacts with video forms according to your brand.

Safe and accessible videos in a GDPR and WCAG compliant and secure environment.

Strengthen employees’ skills, commitment and productivity with internal training and orientation videos.

Reach audiences with virtual and hybrid events and webinars.

The benefits of the Icareus Sports solution for operators

  1. Content is easy to find. Your media, your fans and your customers. Even worldwide.
  2. Your own high-quality video service with applications increases the brand value of your sport.
  3. The commercialization of sports content rights with PPV, monthly subscriptions, match tickets or season tickets brings income to the federation, league and clubs.
  4. Use ads (eg pre-roll and banner ads) to generate more revenue.
  5. Sponsors and partners gain visibility and generate income.
  6. Subscriber/customer database, e.g. for marketing, advertising and communication.
  7. Video communication and training tools, various sites and embedding videos.
  8. Data and analytics information: e.g. viewers, subscribers, views, sales and Display Screens.
  9. History and sports culture: all content in a common archive that can be viewed and used for years to come.
video camera recording in a football game

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