IRR-TV Unveils Finnish OTT Landscape Gains New Player

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Helsinki, 02.05.2024 – IRR-TV, a leading pan-Christian media organization, is thrilled to announce the launch of its direct-to-consumer OTT service through the innovative platform, This step allows IRR-TV to seamlessly integrate its TV channel and other broadcasting endeavors into a dynamic, interactive, and user-centric digital space., the brand-new video portal, serves a diverse array of both live and on-demand content.

To achieve this remarkable milestone, IRR-TV joined forces with two industry veterans: Icareus and Digita. Icareus, an experienced player in the field of online video and TV solutions, partnered with Finland’s national terrestrial TV operator, Digita, to craft a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for both live and on-demand content delivery. Digita, known for its exceptional performance in managing critical network infrastructure, effectively bolsters IRR-TV’s broadcasting and OTT services. The OTT video portal, hosted on the robust Icareus Video Cloud, is a pivotal component of this collaboration.

"We are proud to partner with IRR-TV in delivering an unparalleled OTT experience through Our Icareus Video Cloud, coupled with Digita's operational excellence, empower IRR-TV to connect with their audience in innovative ways."
Toni Leiponen
CEO of Icareus

Key benefits that Icareus Video Cloud offers to IRR-TV include:


Peace of Mind

The long-standing and successful collaboration between Icareus and Digita ensures that IRR-TV can deliver an uninterrupted, smooth, and reliable viewing experience for its audience around the clock.


Streamlined Operations

Leveraging Digita’s operational center and network expertise, IRR-TV benefits from a well-oiled machinery that keeps the content delivery process hassle-free.



The platform’s robust architecture guarantees a reliable and stable streaming experience, minimizing disruptions for viewers.


Tailored & Comprehensive Solution

Icareus Video Cloud empowers IRR-TV with the flexibility to adapt to evolving audience preferences and market dynamics. The integration of Icareus Video Cloud enables IRR-TV to handle every aspect of content delivery, from VOD ingestion and transcoding to live channel management and EPG integration. The platform is optimized to cater to Tier 2 and Tier 3 TV channels and content owners, providing tailor-made solutions that fit unique requirements.


Cutting-Edge Technology’s OTT end-user portal boasts the latest technological advancements and advanced features, including features such as Airplay, Chromecast, and picture-in-picture capabilities, enriching the viewer experience.

The launch of marks a significant milestone in IRR-TV’s journey towards expanding it’s audience beyond traditional terrestrial, cable and satellite networks. This pioneering venture exemplifies the organization’s commitment to providing unmatched quality, accessibility, and engagement for its cherished viewers across Finland and Internationally.

IRR-TV is a visionary pan-Christian media organization founded in 1986 and dedicated to delivering high-quality content that fosters spiritual growth, education, and entertainment. With a rich history of serving diverse communities, IRR-TV continues to redefine the way faith-based content is created, curated, and consumed. IRR-TV produces almost 1000 TV programs annually and broadcasts these through 16 satellite channels to different parts of the world. The programs appear e.g. in North Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South Asia. IRR-TV has printed a total of more than 8 million books, in 30 languages on 4 continents. More information:

Icareus is a leading provider of advanced multimedia solutions, specializing in empowering broadcasters and content owners to deliver exceptional viewing experiences across a variety of platforms. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to innovation, Icareus is at the forefront of shaping the future of video consumption via its Icareus Video Cloud. More information:

Digita is Finland’s premier national terrestrial TV operator, renowned for its expertise in network infrastructure management and operational excellence. Partnering with key industry players, Digita delivers seamless broadcasting solutions that enrich the lives of millions of viewers nationwide. More information: is an OTT video portal developed through a collaboration between IRR-TV, Icareus, and Digita. This platform offers both live and on-demand content, re-defining the way audiences interact with Christian media content in Finland and internationally. More information:

Icareus Video Cloud is a turnkey white-label video cloud solution for media, TV and content owners. It offers versatile tools for the production, management, publication and (optionally) commercialization of live streaming, videos and events.

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