“Freemium”—a combination of “free” and “premium”—has become the dominant business model among internet start-ups and smartphone app developers. It can also change the way users enrolled to your video academy.

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2020 changed the way we do business, meet people and live our daily lives. One of the outcomes of the pandemic is the explosion of online events, trainings, webinars and live streaming as well as other video consumption. Zooms, GotoWebinars or Teams are no longer enough to produce a premium online video experience. Event participants do not want to install 3rd party software and demand for a brand safe environment. The time of video academy is here.

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Helsinki, 04.02.2021, Icareus has delivered a renewed Helsinki Channel service to the City of Helsinki. The Helsinki Channel is the city’s video communication channel and offers important and current content to the city’s residents. The technology platform of the Helsinki channel is the Icareus Suite video cloud service.


Here are ten important reasons why you shouldn’t use YouTube as your company’s or public organization’s main video platform:


Yeah, yeah, it’s known that YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest social media with 1.9 billion monthly users (01/2020).

Every minute, 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube, 30,000 hours every hour, and 720,000 hours of new videos every day. If you’re an active video-producing company and, for example, you produce 5 hours of your company’s branded, video content to be published per month, then that’s one hundred thousandths of a percentage (0.0000231% more precisely) of YouTube’s monthly content – now try to get attention for your content! So it is said that YouTube is a corporate video cemetery.

No one else on YouTube can do anything other than video bloggers, music, game videos, and “late night show videos” – no company has ever been successful on YouTube. You can check it easily by yourself from e.g. here

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DVB-TA is the new specification by DVB Project that defines a technical framework to offer dynamic ad substitution on broadcast networks. It is an good initiative to bring economies of scale and interoperability between different ad and broadcast platforms.

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Helsinki, 28.05.2020, Icareus Suite Online Video & TV cloud was selected for the national libraries’ subscription VOD service launched by Nordic Content Distribution in October 2019. The service, Kirjastokino, is being offered by over 100 municipalities in Finland, covering more than 2 million Finns.


Helsinki, 23.04.2020 Westend Indians, one of Finland’s largest floorball and football clubs playing in the floorball league, announced an advanced Tribal TV video service for the 2019-2020 season. Tribal TV includes four different Live Streaming channels, an open video library for all, and a coaching section for coaches with training and educational videos.


Helsinki, 23.04.2020 Icareus and partner Let’s Virtual have released a new paid LAVIS-TV group exercise online video service. Through the service, thousands of enthusiasts will be able to participate in classes and exercise from home.  

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Helsinki, 24. 10.2019, Icareus and TVEkstra have agreed with Turkuvaz Media, Ciner Media Group and TV8 channels to offer addressable TV advertising formats to advertisers on all their main channels. The formats are available to over 3 million unique HbbTV enabled SmartTVs.

TVEkstra is the leading addressable TV adhouse who manages all technical, commercial and operational processes for addressable TV market and the exclusive addressable TV partner for Turkuvaz Media, Ciner Media Group and TV8. They work closely with media agencies and advertisers to find the best media mix to achieve advertisers’ goals in both reach and targeting. TVEkstra has also 17 regional and local dealers around Turkey working with local SMEs to introduce addressable TV media.

We are thrilled to work with these innovative broadcasters to drive the addressable TV adoption in the Turkish market. We have already witnessed the potential with our advertisers, both national and local. With Icareus technological backing we can continue to innovate and bring new advanced TV formats to Turkey”, tells Merve Eraslanoğlu, Managing Director of TVEkstra.

Icareus provides its Addressable TV solution to create, manage, run and analyse the effectiveness of the campaigns. It offers a wide variety of ad formats such as SwitchIn, ActiveAd and VideoSwap, ranging from simple display ads to real-time TV Spot replacement with personalised online video ads. ActiveAd is a unique format that turns TV spots interactive and enables advertisers to have a real-time dialog with their customers.

TVEkstra has an excellent position to bring new advertisers to TV as well as to help Turkish broadcasters to increase their ad revenues significantly. They have already proved that addressable TV adds value to all involved parties. Icareus will continue to support and innovate with the Turkish market. Signing these leading broadcasters to our addressable TV platform is a testament to our extensive Addressable TV solution” said Mr Mikko Karppinen, Icareus Director.

Icareus Suite TV and Online Video Cloud offers the possibility to extend ad campaigns on micro sites, long form videos, contact detail collection tools and other call-to-actions. All are created and managed with an intuitive web interface. Additionally, broadcasters can use a wide variety of Icareus HbbTV Applications bundled with Icareus Suite TV & Online video cloud, such as TV app portals, EPGs, video-on-demand, news and weather. Integrations to audience measurement platforms ensure that viewing metrics are taken into account from all aspects.

Icareus Addressable TV solution offers a publisher side platform to address the personalisation and programmatic paradigms in TV advertising. It offers new and innovative ad formats that can significantly increase broadcasters’ ad inventory and thus revenues.

Icareus Addressable TV solution integrates with broadcasters existing ad platforms, personalisation engines and broadcast automation systems to provide an easily scalable and almost automatically run system with high ROI. More info: http://www.icareus.com/addressable-tv/

TVEkstra is the leading addressable TV adhouse who manage all technical, commercial and operational processes for addressable TV market and the exclusive addressable TV partner for e.g. Turkuvaz Media, Ciner Media Group and TV8. They work closely with media agencies and advertisers to find the best media mix to achieve advertisers’ goals in both reach and targeting. TVEkstra has also 17 regional and local dealers around Turkey working with local SMEs to introduce addressable TV media. More info: https://tvekstra.com/

Turkuvaz Media Group owns ATV television station and Sabah, Takvim, Yeni Aktüel and Fotomaç newspapers. ATV is a nationwide TV channel in Turkey, began broadcasting in September 1993. ATV is one of Turkey’s most prominent and acclaimed television networks meeting global broadcasting standards and a jewel in the crown of the Turkuvaz Media Group. ATV also has the highest foreign sales ratio among its competitors and its series that are sold to customers in over 30 countries worldwide achieve spectacular ratings. ATV is an acronym of Actual Television (Aktüel Televizyonu) and it has sister channels A2, A Haber, A News and A Spor. For more information visit: https://www.atv.com.tr/

Ciner Media Group (Ciner Medya Grubu) is a Turkish media conglomerate established in 2007, part of the Ciner Holding conglomerate. Among other properties it owns the Habertürk newspaper, Habertürk TV and Habertürk Radyo, and the television stations Show TV, Show Türk and ShowMax TV. It co-owns the television station Bloomberg HT. It also publishes a range of magazines, including Turkish editions of international magazines such as FHM. For more information visit: http://www.cinermediagroup.com/index//en

TV8 is a Turkish television station, which started broadcasting on 22 February 1999. TV8 is the local broadcaster of TV shows like The Voice, Got Talent, Survivor and Utopia. For more information visit: http://www.tv8.com.tr/

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