Mediaset rolls out their HbbTV services with Icareus

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Mediaset rolls out their HbbTV services with Icareus

Helsinki, 23.5.2018, Mediaset, the leading commercial broadcaster in Italy, launched their hybrid, broadcast and broadband services (HbbTV) services in 2017 with the help of Icareus. Icareus delivered new HbbTV Carousel solutions to Mediaset, that was rigorously tested to support the simulcast of the legacy MHP platform and HbbTV, the critical requirement in Italy. Icareus solution will allow them to expand their HbbTV services.

Icareus Playout CS Carousel server won the tender process arranged by Mediaset, due to the Icareus Carousel platform’s versatile features, the competitive costs and long history in broadcast production use. In addition Mediaset is long time Icareus customer and has experience of using Icareus Carousel server in their lab environment already since 2014, when it was delivered by Icareus partner Thomson Video Networks.

Icareus HbbTV Carousel server allows Mediset to offer interactive HbbTV ( experience to its viewers while managing the services and network parameters in the most efficient way possible. The Icareus Playout system provides Mediaset the most flexible and modular platform for hybrid HbbTV services.

The delivery includes the solution for Mediaset’s terrestrial network and to Mediaset’s lab, allowing Mediaset to test and develop HbbTV services.

Icareus’ Director Mr Mikko Karppinen says that “Mediaset is one of the best know commercial broadcasters in the whole Europe and it has also been one of the pioneers in interactive TV services  during the 21st century. We are proud that Icareus Playout CS solution matches the high criteria of Mediaset and feel honoured and more than happy to deliver our HbbTV platform and to continue to innovate with them”.

Icareus’ experienced broadcasting TV system partner Syes (System Engineering Solutions) is responsible of the integration, installation and delivery of the Icareus Playout CS HbbTV Carousel solution to Mediset.

About Icareus Playout

Icareus Playout Carousel offers Trusted Broadcast Technology enjoyed by leading broadcasters and operators globally for over a decade. Icareus’ Playout CS100 Carousel™ is the leading solution for TV operators and broadcasters for DVB interactive datacasting services. Icareus’ Playout CS100 Carousel Server allows the building and supervision of high quality value-added television services by multiplexing data in real-time. The data can be received from multiple sources: DVB-ASI feeds and/or IP-networks. All carousels are generated in real-time, and both the carousel content and AIT application signalling can be updated dynamically. Icareus’ Playout CS100 Carousel server supports HbbTV and other interactive TV standard based applications. For more information visit:

About Mediaset

Mediaset Group is the largest commercial broadcaster in Italy. Founded in the 1970s by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Mediaset’s headquarters are in Milan, Lombardy. Mediaset Group’s has currently 11 free-to-air channels, two broadcast PayTV packages and over-the-top services. In addition to its domestic television interests, Mediaset also operates a series of news, entertainment and sport websites; holds 50.1% of the Spanish broadcasting firm Mediaset España Comunicación; owns the film production company Medusa Film; and heads a consortium which owns the television production house Endemol. For more information visit:

About Syes

Syes (System Engineering Solutions) designs, manufactures and commissions TV broadcasting systems.

Core products are transmitters and repeaters of any power. Syes has also a long experience in system integration, especially of Head Ends. The key customers are the main national broadcasters, not only in Italy but all over the World. Syes headquarters is in Italy with facilities in Miami (USA), Hong Kong (China), Obninsk (Russia). For more information visit:

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